2020 Yueshen Medical equipment YSXDR320 B1 32kw/400mA High Frequency radiology auto digital x ray machine

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Product Overview


2020 Yueshen Medical equipment YSXDR320-B1 High Frequency radiology auto digital x ray machine

X-ray Machine:
一、Generator 1、Power voltage: 1-phase 220VAC ±10%,50Hz,16A;3-phase 380VAC±10% 2、Maximum Working Frequency:≥30KHz 3、Nominal Electric Power:32kw(100kv,320mA,100ms
4、KV range:40-125KV
5、mA range:10-400mA
6、mAs range:0.1-500mAs 7、Photoformy time:3ms-6300ms
二、X-ray tube standard configuration Working voltage: 40KV-125KV Maximum power (0.1 S) Small focus 20 kw, Large focus 40 kW Nominal value: Large focus 1.2,Small focus 0.6 Maximum heating filament characteristics: 5.3A Anode speed: (50HZ) 2800rpm Anode angle: 12° Inherent filtering: 1.0mmAL/75kV Anode Heat Content: 110KJ(150KHU) Tube component heat capacity : 900KJ(1300KHU)

Introduction 1.Cost less 2.Full manual X-ray machine. 3. 20 KW,32KW,50KW,65KW 4. Different brand High Frequency Generators available. 5. Luxury table are availabled can be met different requirepments.
6. Different brand tube are vailabled 7. Easy to operate the X-ray with our software. 8. easy to install the cable .
9. Easy operation
10. High frequency high voltage generator with top quality and stable performance
11. 3 exposure modes: Remote control, Touch screen and Hand switch
12. 60% radiation hazard less than power frequency x-ray machine
13. Multi-configurations: Mobile stand/horizontal sliding bed/horizontal and vertical sliding bed.
1. Applicable to all kinds of human in weight.
2. 12 pre-set shooting modes, adjustable and savable
3. Analog and digital double-loop high-precision control mode to ensure stable x-rays in case of unstable power source
4. Malfunction self-protection and self-diagnosis, self-protection and alarming is in case of malfunction with traceable fault codes for easy maintenance.
Power voltage
1-phase 220VAC ±10%,50Hz,16A;3-phase 380VAC±10%
Maximum output power
supply voltage: 220V
power requirement: Monophase 220V/50HZ(cable diameter>4mm2; internal resistance<0.5Ω)
Maximum Working Frequency
Nominal Electric Power
Photoformy time
X- ray Tube
Working voltage
Maximum power (0.1 S)
Small focus 20 kw, Large focus 40 kW
Nominal value
Large focus 1.2,Small focus 0.6
Maximum heating filament characteristics
Anode speed (50HZ)
Anode angle
Inherent filtering
Anode Heat Content
Tube component heat capacity
Company Profile
Guangzhou Yueshen Medical Equipment Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Yueshen Medical Equipment Co., Ltd Introduction:

established in 2003,with the R&D and sale of medical equipments
17 years is a professional medical equipment manufacturer and trader
75+ international distributors ,120+ business partners globally
One-stop Sourcing Solution for medical equipment distributor or procurement department of hospitals ,medical laboratories in medical school,universities...
especially in the field of X - Ray Machine with/without DR,Medical use Vacuum Cushions for rehab surgeries,radiotherapy

Product Range:
1. Medical X-Ray Machine:
50kw series X-ray machine :
YSDR500-B1, YSDR500-B2 , YSDR500-B3, YSDR500-B4,
YSX500-B1, YSX500-B2, YSX500-B3, YSX500-B4

2. X ray protection series
3. X ray accessories
Multi- Function Medical Vacuum Cushion:
For rehabilitation use in rehab center, positioning during surgery or radiotherapy...
For Radiotherapy Use: R101,R102,R301,R302,R501,R502..
For Positioning During Surgery Use: S101,,S201,S202,S301,S302,S401..
For Rehabililtation Use: P101, P102,P201,P202,P301,P302..

5. Elderly rehabilitation nursing equipment
6. Operation room equipment
7. Laboratory instrument
8. Veterinary equipment
9. Ultrasound
10. Sterilizer
11. Endoscope
12. Morgue equipment
13. Hospital furniture

Our Mission
Guangzhou Yueshen Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
to provide the most cost - effective medical equipment for hospitals and clinics around the world.
committed to be your trustworthy supplier and exporter in the field of medical equipment.
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