FRP/GRP fiberglass vertical and horizontal tank

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Product Overview


FRP/GRP fiberglass vertical and horizontal tank

Product Description

Continuous filament winding FRP pipe and tank is the introduction of foreign advancedtechnology and techniques, using continuous fiber winding process, the resin impregnatedglass fibers wrapped in the control law by winding under tension to the rotating mandrel,and after curing, the Stripping, repair made.

Product combines the advanced foreign technology and domestic production experience, from design to molding are using computer control, a high degree of automation, can produce all kinds of DN50-DN2600pipelines and vertical or horizontal tanks, transport and storage may be a variety of medium,with wear, anti-aging, high strength, within the table is smooth, non-toxic, non-tube,installation, and many other advantages.

Products popular with the hierarchy of international distribution, from the inside is divided into:
1. Inner liner
2. Structure of layer
3. Outer protective layer.
Products have a very strong sense of design, is "The Diversity" material.This is "the same" of metal materials can not match.


Product name
Fiberglass / FRP tank
Material composition
Trade terms
Widely used for Chemical, Petrochemical, dyeing, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, brewing, water treatment, chlor-alkali, etc many different industries.
Sample provide
Shipping way
By sea/land


Maintenance technique

1. FRP tank only used under the design conditions,can not change the medium at will;if under the meet requirement,before change the medium should clean up the tank.
2. Avoid to crash the sharp and hard object.
3. If find the damage,should repair in time.
4. Avoid to be under the blazing sun for quite a long time and avoid to use under the hostile environment.
5. Should often cleaning
6. Should waxing and polishing on time,add teh oil paint,keep the tank beautiful and lasting long.


FRP tanks can be widely used in many areas, such as: light industry, petroleum, chemical, food brewing, transportation. FRP tank can resist the corrosion of various acids, alkali and salts. If we adopt the foodstuff resins, and after the strict treatment, the tanks can be used to store and transport the soy sauce, vinegar and other foods. For the large tanks that are difficult to transport, we can manufacture them on site.

Fiberglass tank storage medium
1. Organic acid
2. Alkali and hydroxide
3. Element,gas,and other inorganic compound
4. Alcohols,aldehydes,ketones,ethers,esters,hydrocarbons and petroleum products
5. Other element compound,industrial liquid and products,food and vegetable oil,gas,water,soil
6. The organic compounds with halogen,amine,phenol and other organic compounds

1. Weight is light while the strength is high.
2. Corrosion-resistance,anti-aging, long service life.By choosing different resins, the vessels and tanks can be used to store various acids, alkalis and salts.
3. The coefficient of themal expansion is small while the heat insulation property is good.
4. We are match many components, such as the fence, ladder and paltform for the products according to requirements.
5. Inner surface is smooth and easy to be cleaned.
6. No poison, no secondary pollution.

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Company Information

HEBEI DONGDING CHEMICAL TRADE CO.,LTD is made up of several manufacturing enterprises, is a high tech enterprises that collection of sale for project consulting, designed and developed, engineering design, materials purchasing, transport of goods, equipment installation and training debugging, and has passed ISO 9001:2015 international quality management system certification, our company is the national foreign trade, the general administration of customs approved the company has import and export right.
We mainly produce potassium sulfate production equipment,FRP tank production equipment,FRP pultruded products(include FRP Square tube/Rectangular tube /Round tube /Rod / U channel / I beam / Flat / Angle /Decking panel /Plum blossom tube /Ladder carling/Ladder crossgirder ),FRP pipe, FRP tank,FRP septic tank,FRP water tank,FRP grating,Cooling tower,FRP scrubber,Cable tray,FRP cover,FRP flange,FRP rock bolt,FRP handrail and so on,Looking forward to your visit and communication!

>> Packing: Nude packing or bulk cargo
>> Delivery: Within 60 days after the payment was received.


1. Q: Are you Trading Company or Manufacturing Factory?
A: We are both manufacturer and trading company. We have our own factory for almost seven years, and we have better service of overseas customers. Welcome to send your inquiry!

2. Q: How about the Delivery time?
A: 60days after receiving the deposit based on the MOQ. Normally, 30-35days to finish the order for a 20ft
container. Welcome to ask for the detailed delivery time according to your order quantity!

3. Q: How can you guarantee the product quality?
A: We have the quality control system ISO9001:2015, and it's been followed strictly. We also have the professional QC team, and each our package worker will be in charge of the final inspection according to the QC instruction beforepacking.

4. Q: What is about the payment terms.
A: Basically, the payment terms are T/T, L/C at sight. Western Union, Alipay.

5. Q: Can you do OEM for me?
A: We accept all OEM orders,just contact us and give me your design,we will offer you a reasonable price ASAP.

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