Professional Pet Dog Food Production Line Manufacturer

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Professional Pet Dog Food Production Line Manufacturer

1. Animal feed food processing machine for adult dogs is plant or animal material intended for consumption by fish or other canines. In extruder, the ingredients are cooked under intense heat and pressure as it moves toward the open end of the extruder where ingredients pass through a shaping die and knife.
2. Flow chart:Mixing system---Extrusion system----Drying system----Flavoring system--Packing system

Technical Parameters

      Install Power
     Real Power

SX65-II Twin screw extruder

This is the normally type of extruder machine, the capacity is 120-150kg/h.
It suit the new company, advange is savings in energy and place and reduced management cost.

SX70-II Twin screw extruder

This automatic extruder is easy to operate and with solid performance for long term, capacity is 200-300kg/h apply to various of puffed food production.


1) Rail-mounted cutting system, more conveniently and safely.

2) With big drving force, solid performance for long term and perfect appearance.

SX85-II Twin screw extruder

It can process various materials, frequency speed-controlling, high automation, stable per formation, long life.
The capacity is 400-500kg/h apply to electricity /gas /diesel etc. various of heating method.

Product Figure

Twin Extruder With Pre-conditioner

1)\tUsing self-clean block screw, can be any combination
2)\tScrew design uses dual-head full-mesh structure, good self-cleaning effect
3)\tUsing PLC design and touch screen system 

Main Machine (New design) - Dryer

1. The oven is a five layers,10 meters circulated continuous dryer. (Can be customized for you)
2. It mainly consist of drive motor,stainless steel drive belt, circulating fan, dehumidification equipment, aircraft, PLC control system, etc.
3. The Moisture of the dried material is around 9-10%.

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