UH-1 Модернизированный военный логистический вертолет Iroquois

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Product Overview




Upgraded Iroquois Helicopter UH-1

(Helicopter SW204HP)


The Ultimate High Altitude – Medium Single Helicopter


Upgraded Version of Helicopter “Iroquois”, “Huey” UH-1, Bell 204 HP

Bell 204 (2)


Presenting the SW204HP Condor


The Condor is engineered and manufactured to meet the demands of hot day-high altitude medium lift operation. Equipped with the 1800 shaft horsepower T53-L-703 engine, this helicopter has the muscle to effectively operate in hot environments, and at altitudes inaccessible to most of its contemporaries. The design maximum gross weight limit of 8,500 lbs provides for a useful load of just over 4,500 lbs.


As a result-an approximate 3,000 payload lift capacity can be achieved when a 1,550 lb fuel load is factored in. (An optional max gross weight increase to 9,500 lbs is available). The Condor can take-off and land at altitudes well above 10,000 feet at full gross weight-in temperatures up to 30° over Standard Day values. Like its namesake, the Condor can soar to altitudes unreachable by other “birds”. The superlative high altitude lift capability is achieved through a redesigned light weight airframe, more powerful engine, stronger transmission/gearboxes and new generation high efficiency rotor blades.


These improvements, combined with other proprietary technical enhancements, increase Standard Day hover performance by 39%; and at the upper temperature operating limit - hover capability is increased by 275%. Production quality of this very unique aircraft is governed by the stringent airworthiness requirements mandated by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for issuance of the Type Certificate (TC) granted to begin the manufacture of the SW204HP in July 1989.



Operational Benefits


  Vne increased to 130 Knots


 Increased Payload (optional)


  Increased In-Ground-Effect (IGE) Hover


  Increased Out-of-Ground-Effect (OGE) Hover


  Increased Range


  Increased Reliability


  Increased Time Between Overhauls (TBO)


  Latest Technology Long Life Components


  Off-the-Shelf World-Wide Parts Support


  Parts Commonality with other Bell Huey helicopters


  Rough Terrain High-Clearance Skids


  Increased Operational Readiness


  Excellent Hot-High Altitude Capability


The Genesis


Twenty-five years ago, a demand for rotary wing lift by law enforcement agencies, fire fighters, loggers, and foreign militaries spawned a secondary market for surplus military helicopters. In the void of any credible logistical infrastructure to support this newly created niche, we established a full-service FAA certified Aircraft Repair Station - complete with a metric based Quality Assurance Program. This quality system insured the highest value in services and component repair/overhaul for our customers.


Over the years, we have accomplished required repairs (maintained), overhauled, and modified a vast array of customer aircraft and equipment. In this role, customers continually identified components and systems they wanted modernized. This activity highlighted a comprehensive list of items which were viable candidates to be modified and successfully marketed.


The end result was a complete performance enhancing modernization program for the Bell Huey - which eventually led to the issuance of a FAA Type Certificate for the manufacture of a new aircraft - the SW205. This new machine outperformed the standard model by 50% in hover on a Standard Day, and delivered an amazing 325% increase in hover capability on an extremely hot day.


We weren’t done yet...we wanted to move the genre forward by producing a single engine medium helicopter that outperforms them all.


Evolution (Only the fittest survive)


The combat tested, rugged, and reliable UH-1B was chosen as the genetic basis for the ultimate high altitude medium lift helicopter. This was not a decision made lightly, but one based on several critical operator concerns. They wanted this new machine to utilize components still in production - so existing off the shelf spares support could be employed.


Additionally, these operators wanted commonality with other currently operated aircraft to reduce redundancy in logistical requirements, as well as aircrew training-directly translating into significant cost savings. Existing Huey operators will be right at home operating and maintaining the highly capable SW204HP Condor.


Condor Performance


Installed Power Plant T53-L-703

1,800 SHP

Gross Weight (lbs / kg) (Internal) (9,500 Optional)



Empty Weight (Ibs / kg)



Useful Load (lbs / kg)



Full Fuel (Jet A) (Ibs / kg)



Fuel Consumption

75-90 GPH


SLS (kts / km/hr)



Maximum Speed Vne



Maximum Endurance

2.7 hrs


Operational Radius at SLS (nm / km)



With VFR Reserve at Maximum Endurance



Average Cruise Speed (kts / km/hr)



Maximum Rate of Climb, SLS



Takeoff Power (fpm / m/s)



Vertical Rate of Climb, SLS



Takeoff Power (fpm / m/s)



Service Ceiling, NRP (ft / m)



Hover Ceiling, OGE



OGE ISA (ft / m)



35º C (ft / m)



Hover Limit, IGE (ft / m)









High Torque Engine T53-L-703


Larger/ More Efficient Main Rotor System (212)


Model 212 Anti-torque System on the Tail Rotor


Light Weight Composite 212 style Nose


Dual Hydraulic System – updated from single. (Optional)


Kaflex Drive Shaft – 212 Transmission


Remanufactured Airframe - Aligned in Fixture


Modernized Wiring


Internal seating is made up of two pilot seats and optional seating for up to nine in the cabin. The maximum seating arrangement consists of an aft facing four-man bench directly behind the pilots’ station and a forward facing five-man bench seat in front of the transmission structure.


All passenger seats are constructed of aluminum tube frames with canvas material and are quickly reconfigurable. The cabin may also be outfitted with stretchers, an internal rescue hoist, auxiliary fuel tanks, spotlights, or many other mission kits. As with any aircraft, cockpit configuration is a matter of operator preference and mission requirements.


The Condor can come configured with a standard level instrumentation/avionics package to support VFR flight or all the way to an all-weather digitally generated multi-function “Glass Cockpit” navigation system to support any level IFR operations. The aircraft can be tailored to the customer’s specific requirements beyond the standard level equipment to match operational needs and budget.




Customers can select a well-equipped conventional “Round dial” instrument panel combined with latest generation communications and navigation components from a vast array of capabilities to satisfy the most demanding mission requirements. Your Condor can also be equipped with a latest state of the art avionics suite to make it one of the most advanced helicopters in the world. Optional installations can include your choice of an Integrated Cockpit Display Systems.


With a selection of display panel options, your system can include; Primary Flight Instruments, Engine Instruments, GPS Caution Advisory System, and other Multifunction Display System functions such as moving maps, enhanced vision when linked to a camera, Terrain Obstacle Proximity Systems (TOPS), route information, etc. Your Condor can truly be a one of a kind machine.


Real Value


Super Performance Acquisition costs are substantially less than comparable helicopters. Manufactured using the latest aerospace technologies, the SW204HP Condor provides an excellent return on investment. In addition, a reduced maintenance man-hour to flying-hour ratio coupled with longer lasting parts results in lower overall life cycle outlays.


So whether your mission is into high altitudes or hot desert theaters of operation - choose the best value helicopter with a reputation for safety, reliability, and performance - choose the SW204HP Condor! Our sales specialists are standing by to tailor your Condor to meet your specific needs. Offered With 3-Year or 1,000 Flt Hour Warranty.




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