Автоматическое устройство для проведения рентгеновской реанимации (1600068082249)

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Product Overview


Product Description
*Fully meets the requirements of the American Heart Association 2010 Guidelines
*All controls Electro- Pneumatic
*Piston type chest compressor with breath synchronisationavailable ;
*Compression/Ventilation Rate: 30:2, 15:2 Continuous Compression/CCV mode
*Portable , easy to carry and quick to set up
*Compatible with most oxygen cylinders and hospital central oxygen supply systems
*Includes pre-warning functions for operator and security
*Operating Temperature range is from -40C to+55 C .
*Waterproof to IPX4
*Light weight 6.5kg (Excluding Oxygen cylinder)

Product Paramenters
1. Type
Pneumatic electric
2.Compression frequency
100 /min,110/min,120/min
3.Compression depth
0~7cm,continuous adjustable.
0~1500ml, adjustable.
5.Compression release rate
1:1(50%: 50%).
6.Automatic continuous compression ventilation modes
30: 2, 15:2, continuous compression mode,CCV.
7.Ventilation time
1s,1.5s,2s, adjustable.
8.Rated pressure input.
9.When stress protection
≥0.7 MPa±0.1 MPa, pressure relief valve open.
10.When airway pressure
≥50cmH2O, automatic relief alarms.
11.Fixed legs of the device have scale, can show the thickness of patients’ chest
12.Fixed legs of device can move up and down, back and front, when confirm the compression position, you don’t need to move the patients.
13.The part of compressor contacted to body is made of polymer insulation material, can use defibrillator meanwhile.
14.Pressure scope of Oxygen drive
15.Normal working temperature
16.Working voltage
DC 12V or 100-240V.
17.Input power of Mechanic CPR Resuscitator
18.IP Rating
19.Electric shock protection type
22.Continued working time of battery≥8hrs, charging period≤4hrs; When the battery power is not enough, it has automatic alarm function.
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