High Concentration Modified Agent Polyether Defoamer chemical desulfurizing agent

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Product Overview




Product Description


Product name: Polyether modified silicone oil


Polyether modified silicone oil is an effective silicone non-ionic surface active agent, with low surface tension. It produces very rapid wetting and spreading effect in water system.




  • Low surface tension.

  • Excellence soft and anti-static character.

  • Excellence viscosity reduction and leveling agent, good additive agent for several kinds of resin(e.g for polyurethane, paint, plastic and so on) , improved the molecular stress of the difference resin, in order to get new property.

  • Great lubricity, fit for all kinds of top grade cutting fluid.

  • Good demulsification, suitable for certain occasions of oil-water separation In addition, this products can be dissolved in water in any ratio,and also can be dissolved in alcohol, DMF, ether and so on.


Technical Data

Appearance: Clear, colorless liquid

The viscosity at 25℃: 500~1500cst

Specific gravity at 25℃: 1.015~1.075

Cloud point(1% aqueous solution)(℃): 45~55

Surface tension (mN/m): ≤30

Ionic type: Non-ionic

Soluble in water: Yes




  1. Textile finishing, providing softness and comfortable feel.

  2. Wetting and dispersion agent of dye and pigment.

  3. Leveling agent of paint and polyurethane, imparting leveling and defoaming.

  4. Production of high effective cutting fluid and detergent.

  5. Foam stabilizer of rigid polyurethane.

  6. Applications in cosmetic products such as creams and lotions, providing durable emolliency, moisturization, and crease resistance.

  7. Be highly effective as wetting and spreading agent of glyphosates, reducing pollution.

  8. As key components of self-emulsified defoamer and delayed coking defoamer in oil refining industry.

  9. Other potential applications.


[Usage and Dosage]

considered from 1% to 10%.





1. For use as leveling and wetting agent or dispersion aid, advisable use level is 0.1~1% of the system.

2. For use as softeners, suggested use level is 1~5% of padding or dipping formulations.

3. As additives to cosmetic products, suggested use level is 2.5~5% of the system.

4. Treatment levels of other applications should be determined with reference of above use level or by testing several concentrations.



1.The viscosity of the products will be higher when it is mixed into acid alkali or in the temperature more than 160 centigrade.

2. Should be sent in the dry shady none acid alkali and cool room, and it can be stored for twelve months in normal centigrade.

3. This a kind of non-hazardous chemical.




Packaging & Shipping


 Packing Details:

  1. 25Kgs / plastic drum ; 50Kgs / plastic drum ; 200Kgs / iron drum ; 200Kgs / plastic drum ; 1000Kgs / IBC TANK.

  2. We can also customize special package according to your requirement.

 Shipping Methods:

  1. Samples and Small quantity order FedEx / UPS / TNT, Door to Door.

  2. Batch goods :By Air, by Sea or by Rail.

  3. Lead Time: 1-7 working days for samples; 5-15 working days for batch goods.


  1. Storage in dry, ventilated place under normal temperature.

  2. No mixed storage with  acid and alkali substance. The storage place should be provided fire equipment.

  3. Non-toxic non-dangerous goods storage and transportation. 


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Company Information

Factory established in the year 1996, our company, Hubei Star Chem Co., Ltd. was established for international trade for several years. With our experience and expertise in this domain, we have become proficient in manufacture and supply of comprehensive range of silicone products.


The product range offered by us is manufactured using grade raw material which procured from reliable vendors. The whole process of production of the best quality product range is monitored by stringent quality control mechanism. Our product range has found huge application in the industries like Automobile, Textile, Defoamer, Petroleum, Construction, Medical, Chemical, Steel, Marine and many more high.


Our team comprises of quality experts, chemical engineers, researchers, warehousing staff, sales and marketing professionals, skilled workers and administrative staff. The dedicated efforts of our team have earned us client satisfaction apart from huge annual turnover.






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