210 мм диаметр катушки 2000W в дизайне применяется нагревающий пластина (1600070194373)

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Shanghai SWAN 80mm heating coil plate for induction cooker 
heating coiler plate maked by litz wire,the Litz wire is a special type of multistrand wire or cable used in electronics to carry alternating current (AC) at radio frequencies.
Our products have stable performance, strict product quality control and perfect after-sales service.

Heating coil plate (220 thermal class EIAIW 
enameled aluminum wire)
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Enameled wire production factory
What can we offer to guarantee the quality of our products?
1  Product testing: Our products have been tested for quality before leaving the factory, and can provide product quality inspection reports to each customer. 

2  International certification:
 Our products are all up to the international certification standards, and customers who need certification can provide international certification. 

3  sample testing:
For enameled wire customers, we can provide sample quality testing to ensure that our products can fulfill the customer's production needs before the customer orders.
Enameled wire performance testing and standards
1 mechanical properties:including elongation, rebound angle, softness and adhesion, scraping paint, tensile strength and other items.
 1.1 Elongation
reflects the plasticity of the material and is used to assess the stringency of the enameled wire. 
1.2 rebound angle, softness
reflects the elastic deformation of the material: use it to assess the softness of the enameled wire. 
1.3 The toughness of the paint film includes winding, stretching, that is, the allowable tensile deformation of the paint film without tensile deformation of the conductor. 
1.4 The adhesion of the paint film includes: violent breaking, peeling, mainly to assess the adhesion of the paint film to the conductor.
1.5 The scratch resistance test of the enameled wire paint film reflects the strength of the paint film against mechanical scratches
2 heat resistance; including thermal shock and softening breakdown test
2.1 The thermal shock of the enameled wire is the ability of the paint film of the enameled wire to withstand heat under mechanical stress.
Factors affecting thermal shock; 
(1) influence of paint, (2) influence of copper wire, (3) influence of enamelling process,
2.2 The softening breakdown performance of the enameled wire is a measure of the ability of the paint film of the enameled wire to withstand thermal deformation under the action of mechanical force, that is, the ability of the pressure-sensitive paint film to plasticize and soften at high temperatures. The heat-resistant softening and puncture performance of the enameled wire paint film is determined by the molecular structure of the paint film and the force of the molecular chain.
3 electrical properties;including breakdown voltage: paint film continuity, DC resistance test.
 3.1 Breakdown voltage refers to the ability of the enameled wire paint film to withstand the voltage load. The main factors affecting the breakdown voltage:
 (1), film thickness: (2) film roundness, (3), degree of cure. (4) External impurities in the paint film.
3.2 paint film continuity test is also called pinhole
Its main influencing factors, 
(1) the impact of raw materials: (2) the impact of operating processes: (3) the impact of equipment.
3.3 DC resistance is the measured resistance value per unit length.
Mainly affecting current resistance: 
(1) degree of annealing, (2) enamel equipment.
4 chemical resistance: including solvent resistance, solderability.
4.1 Solvent resistance refers to the general enameled wire after winding into a coil: after the impregnation process, the solvent in the impregnating varnish has different degrees of  swelling effect on the paint film at a higher temperature. The chemical resistance of the enameled wire paint film is mainly determined by the characteristics of the paint film itself: under certain conditions of the paint, the enamel process has a
certain influence on the solvent resistance of the enameled wire.
4.2 The direct welding performance of the enameled wire reflects the ability of the enameled wire to not solder during the winding process of the paint film. The main factors affecting the weldability are: 
(1): the influence of the process, and (2) the
influence of the paint
enameled rectangular copper wire
Temperature Index
Diameter Range
a=0.8-5.6 (mm)

0.0104 s.