Smart Call Watch IP67 Waterproof Phone Calling Smartwatch for Men (1600072343552)

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Product Overview


Smart Call Watch IP67 Waterproof Phone Calling Smartwatch for Men


Product parameters
Model FKLS11
Colour Black/silver
Product Dimension 265mm(L)X 47mm(W)X 13.5mm(H)
Net Weight 55±1 g
Chipset RTL8762C
Chip platform PHY
Dominant frequency 40Mhz
Framework ARM
Nuclear number single-care
Main memory rom 512KB  sram 160KB
falsh 128M
Auxiliary chips G-sensor STK8321
Operation method Touch 
Charge mode Magneic absorpion charaina wire
Charge specification Output:5V/300mA
Waterproofing grade IP67
Bluetooth Version BLE5.0
Display screen Touch:Capacitive touch
  Type:1.28inch IPS color screen
Battery Polymer lithium ion
Battery capacity:300mAh
Charging time: about 2H
Material "Zinc alloy case
Pan material   ABS+PCmaterial
Strap material  liquid silicone strap
Trumpet none
Mike none
Motor Built-in vibration reminder 820 bonding wire
Heart rate chip EM 7028
Sensor Optical heart rate sensor, 3D acceleration sensor
Prodoct Features
The main function Step gauge Turn on the step count, which represents steps, exercise time, mileage and calories burned
Movement time Start the movement function of the bracelet to record the total movement time
Movement patterns A total of 9, running, hiking, cycling, mountaineering, basketball, rope skipping, table tennis, badminton, football
Movement range Start the movement function of the bracelet to calculate the total distance of movement
Calorie consumption The bracelet calculates the calories burned based on different exercise patterns, exercise time, and exercise mileage
Real-time heart rate measurement The bracelet or APP terminal activates the heart rate function, which can measure the current heart rate and display the measurement results (wear the bracelet when measuring the heart rate).
Blood pressure measurement none
Blood oxygen measurement  none
Sleep patterns Record the duration of sleep and the duration of deep and light sleep
Sedentary remind The APP sets the time interval for the sedentary reminder, and the bracelet will display the reminder icon and vibration reminder after the arrival time
Phone calls reminding Incoming calls can be answered/hung up at the end of the ring
Being pushed A total of 22, /Instagram/YouTube/Messenger/Gmail/Snapchat/Facebook/Twitter/WhatsApp/Pinterest/Hangouts/LinkedIn/Skype/Tumblr/Viber/Line/Google+/Flickr/VK/Kakao Talk
Dial The end of the bracelet can be dialed freely
The contact none
Lift the wrist bright screen After the APP opens the wrist lifting bright screen switch, the screen can be lit by turning the wrist or raising the hand when the bracelet is in standby mode
DO Not disturb The end of the bracelet can be enabled in the do not disturb mode. When the do not disturb mode, there is no message reminder or call reminder
Looking for bracelets The bracelet connects to the status of the APP, and the APP terminal enters into the search bracelet. The bracelet will display the reminder icon and vibration reminderr 
Looking for mobile phone When the bracelet connects to the APP status, the end of the bracelet selects the phone to look for, and the APP end will sound the prompt sound
Remote control picture When the APP and the bracelet enter the camera interface, you can start the phone camera and click to take a photo
Bluetooth phone none
The bluetooth music none
secdnd chronograph The stop watch function is entered at the end of the bracelet to start/stop the timer
alarm clock The APP sets the alarm time, and the bracelet will display alarm alarm pictures and vibration reminders after the time is reached
Device reset The end of the bracelet can reset the device and clear all the use records of the bracelet
Equipment solutions to The APP terminal can release the currently bound bracelet device, and the bracelet can be re-bound after being unbound
Bracelet bluetooth The bracelet end can view the connection status of 2 bluetooth
Vibrate setting none
Multiple dial switching The bracelet long press the main interface to switch different dial
brightness The end of the bracelet can adjust the display brightness of the bracelet
volume none
weather The end of the bracelet can check the current regional weather conditions
APP support language Chinese/English/Italian/Russian/Spanish/Portuguese/German/French/Czech/Japanese/Polish/Spanish /Korean
Bracelet support language Chinese/English/Italian/Russian/Spanish/Portuguese/German/French/Czech/Japanese/Polish/Spanish /Korean
Bracelet push language Chinese/English/Italian/Russian/Spanish/Portuguese/German/French/Czech/Japanese/Polish/Spanish /Korean
Support phone system Android 5.0 or above; IOS9.0 and above; Support bluetooth 
APP/APK download Mobile phone scan bracelet download qr code download and install Tfit APP mobile APP store search Tfit APP download and install (APP download qr code is attached to the right)
package instruction
Manner of packing 50/CTN
Box size 145*104*30 (MM)
Box Suttle 80±1 (g)
Single package net weight (including packing box and accessories) 153±2 (g)
Packing carton size 53.5*16*32(CM)
Packing carton size 352±2 (g)
Net Weight of cartons 8.0±0.5 (kg)




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