Hand winch Wire Rope puller For Cable Pulling With 8mm Wire rope diameter (1600073960151)

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Product Overview






 Hand winch Wire Rope puller For Cable Pulling With 8mm Wire rope diameter



Product Description


Forward lever, backward lever

Placed in series to provide a slim design and assuring power transfer along the center.


Built-in shearing pin

Prevent overload, it functions at approx, 25% overload and the pins can be replaced without removing the load.


Anchor bolt

Offers numerous and versatile connection possibilities with load hooks, sling ropes and sling chains.


Spare shear pins

Two pieces of spare shear pins locked in the carrying handle.


Rope clamp system

Use lever to release easily and install wire rope smoothly.





1. Scope of application: The wire rope hoist is adapted for use in narrow areas where local space is limited. For field work, high altitude operation, BYSM-618 1.0 type steel wire rope hand plate hoist deep well operation and no mechanical and electrical energy supply site for lifting operation will show special advantages.

2. How to use: The forward (backward) handle is first pulled to the machine, and then the handle is released by hand to the front of the machine, and the tip can be snapped into the upper step of the housing. At this time, the upper and lower clamps of the front and rear calipers are OK. The opening can be worn (pumped), and then the clamp can be pushed forward and down to release the handle, so that the clamp can clamp the wire rope (or reset) and put into operation.

3. Working principle: Wire rope hand lever hoist is a manpower wrench handle, with the help of the lever principle to obtain a straight line traction matching the load, alternately acting on a clamp body of the machine core load, running with a supporting load.

4. The body structure is novel: The machine adopts cast aluminum alloy body with beautiful appearance, compact body, small volume and light weight. Adopt two-stage gear transmission, high-speed helical gear transmission, so the transmission is stable and the noise is small.

5. High strength of parts: The main parts of the machine are made of high strength alloy steel material and processed by many special heat treatment processes. The upper and lower hooks are made of high-strength alloy steel, which has very strong heat treatment. High toughness, even if the body is damaged by overload, the hook will only produce sag deformation without brittle fracture.




Product Parameters:


Model   GLSM-618 0.8 GL SM-618 1.0 GLSM-618 1.6 GLSM-618 3.2 GLSM-618 5.4
Rated load lifting capacity ton 0.8 1 1.6 3.2 5.4
Stroke when the rated mm ≥52 ≥52 ≥55 ≥28 ≥30
Forward handle effective length mm 825 825 1200 1200 1200
Transmission series   1 1 1 2 2
Wire rope diameter mm 8 8 11 16 20
Wire rope standard length m 10, 20 10, 20 10, 20 10 10
Net weight kg 6 6 12 23 45
Hand force when the rated N ≤284 ≤353 ≤412 ≤441 ≤745
Packing size mm 428*64*235 428*64*235 545*97*286 660*116*350 800*180*500









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