2HP open type refrigeration freezer condensing units

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Product Overview



2HP open type refrigeration freezer condensing units

Condensing Unit Features

1. Refrigeration: R22, R404A, R134a, R507.
2. Temperature Range: From - 70°C To + 10°C.
3. Original and handsome shape,light and reasonable structure,convenient installation.
4. Use original brand compressor,strong cold wind force, superior reliability, long service life.
5. Installation without restriction by field, small occupation area, tight structure, convenient for package and transportation.
6. Use efficient, low power, low noise and strong-wind axial fan motor.
7. Efficient heat transfer surface,low noise when operating.
8. Simple structure, accurate and reliable operating system.
9. Integral installation, anticollision, rainproof structure feature.

10. High efficiency and energy saving design.
11. Full automatic control, easy to operation and management.

Standard Equipment Include:
Compressor, vibration eliminate, oil filter, condenser, liquid receiver, dry filter, sight glasses, solenoid valve, accumulator (low temperature), pressure controller, high and low pressure guage, water-proof connection box.

We promise:
1. Quality assurance

All compressors and well-known brand accessories are 100% authentic. If there are fake goods, one fake will pay ten.

2. Flexible configuration

The accessories of the unit can be customized according to the demand. The condenser / liquid receiver can be enlarged, and the oil filter / solenoid valve / sight glass / pressure controller can be upgraded to international famous accessories

3. Exquisite design

Not only the appearance is beautiful and generous, but also all the pipelines have been designed professionally. After many years of customer feedback, the pipeline design meets the design requirements in the operation of the unit

4. Excellent quality

In addition to the use of high-quality accessories, professional design, stable operation and other advantages, all machine frame and sheet metal are produced by XURUI's own factory, and the sheet metal quality is excellent. The appearance adopts the whole spraying technology, the color is even and bright, and does not drop the paint.

5. Installation and after-sales service

No matter what country and region you are in, as long as you need, we will provide professional tech. to the place where we can arrive to solve your worries.

Suitable Temperature for Various Products

Condensing Unit Type
Suitable Products
-5°C ~ +5°C
Single stage piston/scroll/screw compressor condensing unit
Vegetables, Fruit, Drink, Beer, Medicines, Vaccine...
-15°C ~ -25°C
Single stage piston/scroll/screw compressor condensing unit
Meat, Fish, Medicines, Seafoods, Ice Cream...
-30°C ~ -40°C
2-stage compressor condensing unit
Meat, Fish, Blood...
-45°C ~ -70°C
Cascade condensing unit
Tuna, Vaccine...

Available Condensing Unit Types

Piston condensing unit
Type: box type, open type
Condenser: air cooled, water cooled, evaporative cooled
Temperature range: +5~-5℃, -15~-20℃, -25~-40℃
Scroll condensing unit
Type: box type, open type
Condenser: air cooled, water cooled, evaporative cooled
Temperature range: +5~-10℃, -10~-23℃, -10~-30
Screw condensing unit
Type: box type, open type
Condenser: air cooled, water cooled, evaporative cooled
Temperature range: +5~-5℃, -15~-20℃, -25~-40℃

Cascade condensing unit
Type: box type, open type
Condenser: air cooled, water cooled, evaporative cooled
Temperature range: -40~-70℃
Monoblock condensing unit
Type: box top blow type and box side blow type
Condenser: air cooled
Temperature range: +10~-5℃, -15~-20℃
Water chiller
Type: box type, open type
Condenser: air cooled, water cooled, evaporative cooled
Temperature range: ≥0℃, -10~-15℃, -35℃

Condensing Unit Application

Cold Storage
Ice Cream Production Line
Quick-freezing Tunnel

Ice Maker
Industrial Cold Water
Cryogenic Aquaculture


Hotels, hospitals, blood banks, poultry slaughter and processing, aquaculture and processing, mushroom cultivation, agricultural product processing, dairy production, pharmaceutical processing and logistics, beverage production and processing, beer production and cooling, large-scale logistics storage, chemical product cooling, leather manufacturing, injection molding, machine cooling, steel cooling, ommunication equipment, ship manufacturing and more.

Successful Cases

Company Profile

About us
Shanghai Xurui is located in Shanghai with 15 years' experience in producing condensing unit, evaporator, condenser, water chiller for cold room, ice cream production line, quick-freezing tunnel...

All units adopt world famous brand compressors. It has been certified by ISO9001, CE, got import-export license and the license of National Industrial Product Manufacture of China.

Export to more than 30 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and areas etc.

Supply high quality & safety refrigeration equipment. Consecutive sales increase of 15 years.

Our factory
Complete Production Equipment + Professional Production Team + Superb Production Technology = Xu Rui

Not only we have our own brand “XU RUI” , but also we supply the OEM service to our customers. To satisfy with your need,we can print your company Logo or design on the units or the other parts

Our Advantages

At China Wholesale, we can handle your large drive-in refrigerated warehouse projects from start to finish. We have a vast inventory of refrigerant equipment to meet your needs and our nationwide installation teams are ready and waiting to do the job. We offer:

• Top quality new equipment for any size refrigerated building.
• Experienced crews to build your box from walls to ceiling.
• Experience in special needs such as insulated floors, refrigeration parts.
• Turnkey projects available.
• Custom sizes and design services.
• We will go anywhere to do the job.

Whether you are a food distributor, farmer, pharmaceutical company, or cold storage company, we can handle your project from start to finish.

Transportation & Installation

We provide the best packing service to our customers! Arrival safely.

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