Moderate Price Turbine Threaded Natural Gas Meter (1600075199564)

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Moderate Price Turbine Threaded Natural Gas Meter

Product details of  natural gas flow meters

The natural gas flow meters has the functions of remote meter reading with wireless communication and regular uploading of data. The meter can effectively avoid door meter reading, curb gas-stealing and arrears, save costs, simplify operation, and greatly improve management efficiency.natural gas flow meters

natural gas flow metersnatural gas flow meters


Main technical parameters: 


item model
ZZ-L-1.6D-2V1.0 ZZ-L-2.5 D-2V1.0 ZZ-L-4.0 D-2V1.0

Max flow(m3/h)

2.5 4 6

Min flow(m3/h)

0.016 0.025 0.04
Measurement accuracy grade B
Minimum reading 0.001m³
Max reading max working pressure 99999.999m³
0.1qmax≤q≤qmax ±1.5%
Tightness Input 1.5 times the maximum working pressure of air, which will not leak for three minutes
Long-term running performance After 2000 hours of operation at maximum flow rate, it meets the national standard requirements of GB/T6968-1997 "Membrane Gas Meter"
Communication frequency 470-510MHz
Emission current 110mA
Receive current 20mA
Static power ≤5μA
Tightness No leakage when ≤15kPa
User stealing Automatically close the valve and prompt
Alarm method Close valve alarm


Water fee collection method:  We can design solutions and develop products according to the actual situation in your country and your specific needs.

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natural gas flow meters

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natural gas flow meters

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natural gas flow meters

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natural gas flow meters


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