Automatic Sausage Filler Vacuum Sausage Making Machine Commercial Sausage Making Machine

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Our AK6200+AKGN1800 vacuum sausage making machine:

Vacuum sausage filling machine is a set of quantitative filling, high speed kinking in a vacuum filling machine.The filling process is completed in the vacuum state, which can effectively prevent and control fat oxidation, avoid protein hydrolysis, reduce the amount of bacteria surviving, and effectively guarantee the shelf life of the product and the bright color and pure taste.

Sausage kink machine adopts 304 stainless steel plate is clever design,which it suitable for sausage, ham, hot dogs, etc.This machine adopts pneumatic start, it need to be used with air compressor, this automatic knotting the captain degree can through the operation platform, and the level of the pneumatic switch position adjustment.Our machine operation is simple, it will not knot damage in the process of casing film.It is the best choice for small and medium-sized food enterprises.

1.Technical parameters:

1). Vacuum blade servo filling machine: total power :7KW;

2). Power supply :3Phase 380V/220V ~, 50-60hz;

3). Electrical equipment: schneider low voltage electrical equipment, huichuan motion controller, etc.

4). Motor: huichuan brand servo;

5). Vacuum pump: puxu brand.

6). Direct irrigation capacity: 4000kg/h quantitative accuracy :±1g;

7). Filling speed: stepless speed regulation 1 ~ 100%; With the function of lifting raw materials, lifting capacity of 200~300 liters;

8). Vacuum pressure 0~-0.1mpa;

9). Outlet center height: 1030~1050mm adjustable;

10). Overall size: (LxWxH) : 2500*1360*2195mm(with lifting arm);

11). Machine weight: 1350kg.

2.Performance characteristics:

1), in the state of vacuum, by the internal CAM blade pump to complete the filling, dividing, filling, molding and other functions;

2). Effectively prevent the problems of fat oxidation, protein hydrolysis, fiber destruction, filling heating, etc., and effectively ensure the end product has no air, high density, good structure and good taste;

3). The machine can be connected with high-speed kinking machine, traction machine and punch machine, and can be filled separately.

4). Suitable casings: natural casings, collagen casings, fiber casings, animal casings and plastic casings;

5). With quantitative function: quantitative range 5g~10000g, quantitative accuracy (±1g/100g);

6). The electrical machinery, reducer, vacuum pump and electrical components adopt famous brand products at home and abroad, with high stability;

7). The machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel and alloy stainless steel.


We can make:

1.Sausage filler:


ModelDimension(mm)PowerVolume (L)Vacuum(Mpa)Filling capacity(kg/h)Weight(kg)
AK-62002300*1400*19507.5kw 380v/220v250-0.140001330
AK-6200N2500*1400*19509.0kw 380v/220v250-0.14000/600knots/min1360
AK-32001160*860*17004.0kw 380v/220v220-0.13200520
AK-3200N1360*860*17006.0kw 380v/220v220-0.13200/600knots/min550
AK-25001050*950*20305.0kw 380v/220v220-0.12500520


2.Sausage twisting:

 Model AKGN-1800
 speed 1600knot/min
twisting length  30-280mm
 Plastic casing 14-35mm
 Power 3.8kw 380v 50hz
 Air pressure 30.5-0.7Mpa
 External size 1450*620*1400mm

Show AK6200+AKDK120 details:




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Our equipments can make all kinds of sausages:
Dried sausage/Fried sausage/Homemade sausage/French sausage/Flavor sausage/Salami/Ham/Hot dog/Liver Sausage/ Rice Sausage/Cuttlefish Sausage/Grilled sausage and so on.
















1. A:Are you the manufacturer?

    B:Yes,we are the only manufacturer of Aokai brand.

2. A:Payment term?

    B:1)100% Payment for stock machines.

      2)50% deposit for no stock or product line machines.

3. A:How can we see the working machines?                           

    B: You are warmly welcome to visit our factory, and we have the working machine

         in factory, our engineers will explain you the machines details one by one.    
4.  A:Can you make customized designed products?
     B:We can make the products according to customer’s requirements, like the size, logo and details.

4. A:Warranty?

    B:For a year.We suggest you ask us about spare parts before you order.

5.How long the lead time is?
  Usually 2-9 weeks, depends on the machine you ordered.




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