Excellent cationic waterproofing agent HT 9001 for textile chemical (1600077925661)

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Product Overview


Fluoride-free waterproofing agent HT-9001

Product name
Fluoride-free waterproofing agent HT-9001
white emulsion
Molecular formule
available (copolymer) Synonyms


Brief information
Free of fluoride and suitable for waterproofing finishing of all kinds of fiber, give the finished fabric excellent waterproofing
performance. It can effectively improve the properties of water induction, permeability, water spray and hydrostatic pressure resistance.

General properties
-- Appearance: white emulsion
-- pH: 6.0±1.0(1% deionized water)
-- Ionicity: cationic
-- Solubility: miscibility with water
-- Consistency: compatible with cationic and nonionic products, good resistance; incompatible with anion products

Properties and fields of application
-- Little influence on bright and shine, whiteness and color fastness.
-- Dosage is extremely less than general waterproofing agent.
-- Environmental and free of fluoride, toxic substance, and banned substances and special regulated substances.
-- Can effectively improve the hydrostatic pressure resistance of the treated fabric and the powder absorption properties of the treated fabric.
-- It can make fabric with excellent and lasting waterproof effect.

-- Padding: (For polyester, chinlon and blendings)
Fluoride-free waterproofing agent HT-9001: 10-25g/L
One dip and pad (80-90% liquor rate)→Dry(100-110℃) →Sizing(170-190℃*30-90 seconds)

-- Dipping: (For cotton weaven)
Fluoride-free waterproofing agent HT-9001: 60-100g/L
One dip and pad (80-90% liquor rate)→Dry(100-110℃) →Sizing(150-170℃*90-180 seconds)

Guangdong Honghao chemical Co,.Ltd. Is a large scale comprehensive enterprise integrated with research& development, manufacturing sales and service, Covers 18000 m2, 50000 tons of annual production capacity. Has professional synthesis, emulsification, composition and application lab. As well as technical development platform based on silicone, polyester, surfactant.
And scientific multi-point control and strict inspection system. We adopt international advanced production & technological process, strictly implement the relevant standards of quality and environmental management system, our products are widely used in textile, daily chemicals, ceramics and pesticides etc.

Packaging & Shipping
Packing: 125 kg/polyethylene drum

Storage: 6 months in sealed container at room temperature.


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Q1:Can I get free samples?
We can provide you a certain amount of free samples,please contact us directly.
Q2:How can i get the price?
Please give us the exact quantity,packing,destination port and other necessary information,we will give you quotation according to your specific requirements.
Q3:I am not sure whether your product is appropriate in my case,what should i do?
The best way is according to your usage,we suggest you some samples,if you check is OK ,we will quote a price for you if you are satisfactory after the confirmation ,you can place an order.
Q4:I am a small wholesaler ,do you accept a small order ?
It is on problem if you are a small wholesaler,we would you like to grow up with together.
Q5:What is your production capacity?
Now we have developed our manufacturing capacity to 5000MT per month.

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