York Air Conditioner HVAC Spare Parts York Chiller Spare Parts 029-22454-000 Shaft Seal For Refrigeration Unit

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Product Overview



We provide spare parts for refrigeration compressor,such as Compressor oil level switch, float switch, oil heater, solenoid valve coil, solenoid valve, motor outlet cover, wiring board, PTC exhaust temperature sensor, gaskets, paper pads, repair kits, refrigeration oil, motor, valve plate, piston rod, energy regulation, nose fan, oil separator, valve plate assembly, crankshaft, connecting rod, main bushings, pistons, piston rings, valves, paper pads,guide vane motor,pressure sensor,display screen,water temperature sensor,seal bearing,
motherboard,oil cooler, thrust sensor,temperature control valve,stick tile, piston pin and so on.
Product Description:
1.Mainly used for lubrication of refrigeration compressors, especially refrigeration screw compressor pay more attention to the quality of the oil filter, because it directly affects the life of the screw machine.
2.Oil filter, sometimes divided into two stage filtering: essential oil filter (typically compressor built-in), crude oil filter (usually the outer).But sometimes a manufacturer of  bad professional technology will swap positions, leading to the outer oil filter not working .Each brand  filter has design their own design, such as Carrier, York.
3.Our company provide all kinds of refrigeration oil filter that is high qulity and Cost-effective .
Replacement YORK filter
YORK drier filter 026-32841-000
YORK inject filter 026-32830-000
YORK oil filter 026-32831-000
YORK oil filter 026-32386-000
YORK oil filter 026-35601-000
YORK drier filter 026-13508-000
YORK drier filter 026-14777-007
YORK oil filter 026W36838-000
Main features:
1.Filtering and high precision
2.Service life is long
3.Excellent Packing 
4.Good Appearance 
5.Reliable quality and favorable price 

YORK Spare parts:

YORK press transducer 025-29139-003

YORK press transducer 025-29139-004

YORK press transducer 025-29139-006

YORK press transducer 025-29139-007

YORK temp sensor 025-29964-000

YORK temp sensor 025-28935-000

YORK temp sensor 025-39721-000

YORK temp sensor 025-40334-000

YORK temp sensor 025-40088-000

YORK temp sensor 025-32924-000

YORK oil temp sensor 025-30440-000

YORK press transducer 025-29583-001

YORK press transducer 025-29583-000

YORK press transducer 913A0124H02

YORK sensor 025-43790-000

YORK transducer 025-28678-006

YORK transducer 025-28678-112

YORK water temp sensor 025-02248-000

YORK drive.VS oil pump 2HP 024-36133-002

YORK main board 031-01095-002

YORK main board 031-02430-001

YORK main board 031-01743-002

YORK motor 025-17175-002

YORK kryboard 025-24606-000

YORK kryboard 025-25504-000

YORK kryboard 024-26108-000

YORK kryboard 024-30933-000

YORK display 031-01774-000

YORK display 031-01110-000












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