ZVS Induction Heater Module 2500W Main Unit + Heating Coil (Copper Tube)+ Fan Power Supply

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Product Overview


ZVS Induction Heater Module 2500W Main Unit + Heating Coil (Copper Tube)+ Fan Power Supply


Product Description


Powered by DC12-48V and current up to 50A, it is a 2500W induction heater. It is mainly used for the heating and quenching of small ferrous metal materials.


- 1.6mm high quanlity PCB with copper 2OZ in thickness. Large current with excellent heat dissipation performance
- Dual 120mm cooling fans
- Ultra large high-power heat sink ensure heat dissipation of MOS tube
- 3pcs M4 copper posts are connected in parallel at the output end which can be connected to flyback transformer, high-frequency transformer and heating coil
- 6pcs original IRFP260 and 12pcs original capacitors resonate in parallel, with high power and high efficiency
- It can work continuously for a long time when the heat dissipation conditions meet the standards

- Dimensions: 240 x 120 x 85mm (L*W*H)
- Heating Coil: 70 x 60 x 73 mm
- Input Voltage: DC12-48V
- Maximum Power: 2500W
- Maximum DC Operating Current: 50A
- Metals including iron can be heated in 800-900℃

Package Included:
- 1 x Main Induction Heater
- 1 x Heating Coil
- 1 x Fan Power Supply

- A cooling water pump for the heating coil is needed. The induction heater works with high power. And PCB board and electronic components generate heat. Due to the heat produced by the heating coil is large, a water pump is required to protect the coil and the whole system.
- After your switching power supply voltage is stable, it is connected to the induction heating circuit. You can connect an air switch between the power supply and the motherboard, and then turn on the air switch after the switching power supply is stable. Please pay attention when using a switching power supply, because high-power switching power supplies generally have a slow start function, that is, the output voltage rises slowly at the beginning. Please not connect it to the induction heating circuit until the voltage reaches 11V. Or MOS transistors on both side will be turned on at the same time and burn the components.
- This circuit has very strict power requirements. 12V power supply must use a power greater than 500W, 24V is greater than 1200W, 36V is greater than 2000W, 48V is greater than 2600W (recommended working voltage 48V).
- Please keep it run with the operating current lower than 50A to protect the circuit. For higher-power operation, a 50A fuse can be added to make the circuit safe.
- Please use the fan for heat dissipation while working.
- The operating voltage must not be lower than 12V.
- When the heating device is working, the heating ring will generate a lot of heat. Water cooling must be used to cool the heating ring to avoid the high temperature causing damage to the motherboard.
- Reverse connection is forbidden. The power input terminal is marked with positive and negative.
- The heating ring may be deformed during transportation, causing short-circuit between the layers, please separate the motherboard before connecting it, otherwise the overload may occur and the motherboard may be damaged.
- Do not power on without load. (No load here means that no load is connected to the output. It can be connected to the heating coil without adding heated objects.) Otherwise, the board will make a high frequency noise, which will instantly burn out the motherboard.


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Q1. Can I have a sample order?

A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality.


Q2. What about the lead time?

A: Sample ususally take within 3 working days.


Q3. Do you have any MOQ (minimum order quality)limit?

A: For standard product, usually 1pcs/item. For the OEM order, MOQ at least 50pcs/item.



Q4. How to proceed an order?

A: After buyer confirm the product&price is ok and ready to buy, order will be please tell us your delivery address, phone number, sometimes need email. Then we can draft the order and it will have a alibaba paying link.


Q5. After paid, what info of the supplier provided?


A: Tracking number


Q6: Do you offer guarantee and after-service for the products?

A: Yes, 6- 12 months warranty for our products. Note: We will do not take the responsibility for Man-made damage or improper operation. Delivery demage will be negotiate.



Packing and Shipping

Package: Normally we use the standard paper package to export worldwide.


Shipping : 

1. By Couriers: DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT are the main courier  we are co-operating at present.


2. By chinese small parcel, usually for the customer to save the cost. But Chinese small parcel have the risk for lost parcel. Note: If we got the parcel back, we only can refund the item cost. If we didn't get the parcel,then sorry we can't refund any.

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