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Product Overview


Product Description

Sodium polyacrylate advantage:

Our sodium polyacrylate provides a cost efficient solution to your poultry pellets binder needs, which increases the stability of your poultry feed and finally improves your return on investment. With sodium polyacrylate, you can produce a feed that friendly binding with grains. That means more efficient use of poultry feed, less waste.

What Sodium polyacrylate is:
Sodium polyacrylate is a a macromolecular polymer in powder form. It is recommended for use as feed binder in the production of pellets feed, featuring good binding effect with grains and is cost efficient for pelleted or extruded feeds.

Tests on pellets feed using sodium polyacrylate as a binder have proved the product:
* Improve pellets feed stability.
* Low inclusion, save cost.
* Reduce dust and feed losses.
* Reduce trucking and storage cost.
* Work effectively with grains.
* Long shelf life as 24 months

Sodium polyacrylate has been successfully used for over twenty years worldwide in pellets feeds, sodium polyacrylate can also be used in fisheries, pigs and cattle feeds, either pelletized, cubed or blocked, to improve integrity and reduce dust.

How to Use:
Add the binder directly to the feed mixer prior to being granulated at consumption rate 0.2% - 0.3% of the finished pellets, and process with normal pelleting or extruding operation.

Product Specification:

Test Result
white powder
Free alkail
Not react with phenolphthalin
Sulfate ( test SO4) , %                                        max
≤ 0.49
< 0.49
Arsenic ( test As2O3), ppm                              max
≤ 2
< 2
Heavy Metal ( test Pb), ppm                             max
≤ 20
< 20
Residual Monomer, %                                        max
≤ 1
Oligomer, %                                                         max
≤ 5
Unchanged blue in Iodine
Loss on drying ( 105℃, 4 hours), %                max
≤ 10
Residue on ignition, %                                       max
≤ 76
Viscosity ( Rotational Viscometer No.3 rotor, 30 rotate speed, 0.2%
water solution, 30℃),  cps


Product Application

Sodium polyacrylate as poultry feed pellet binder(adhesive)

Our sodium polyacrylate product is suitable for poultry, chicken pellets feed and duck pellets feed.
Add sodium polyacrylate binder powder in the feed, through its specific adhesion, the feed pellets have a certain binding effect with grains. Sodium polyacrylate has less damage to nutrition vitamins, enzymes, etc.And the use amount is small, the cost is low, and the effect is good.
It can increase the fat of various poultry. Sodium polyacrylate is food grade, food additives, harmless to human body. It is the best in terms of pellets binder compared with other chemical binder.

sodium polyacrylate can also be used in fisheries, swine and cattle feeds, either pelletized, cubed or blocked, to improve integrity and reduce dust.

Sodium polyacrylate as poultry pellet feed binder Features

1. Friendly binding with grains and reduce the loss of nutrients

2. Increases the stability of your poultry feed

3. It has high thermal stability and chemical stability, and does not cause adverse chemical reactions with other feed ingredients.

4. Non-toxic, no odor, with good palatability

5. Strong adhesion with grain and good pellet formation effect

6. Low dosage, easy to mix and low cost

7. It is food grade, food additives, harmless to human body

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