1.5T imaging technology of high performance magnetic resonance imaging system (1600083578069)

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The shield body is completed by formwork assembly technology, the formwork is 50mm away from the wall, the formwork keel is made of high-quality pine (45mmx45mm) or galvanized steel plate, the wood is treated by anti-corrosion, mothproof and fire prevention, and is wrapped with 105um high-density electrolytic copper foil. After the production of the shielding formwork in the factory, it is directly assembled on the site. The formworks are fixed with stainless steel nails to meet the settlement requirements of the building. The position where the copper nails pass through shall be flat padded with copper mesh. The contact area between the formworks and the formworks is 45mm, and the edge shall be sealed with copper strips. The shield is light and not easy to deform. In addition, the electrolytic copper foil has good oxidation resistance, ductility and conductivity. The electrolytic copper foil completely meets the shielding effect. The mute cotton is filled between the template and the decorative panel, which can greatly reduce the noise generated by MRI gradient scanning, so as to ensure that the medical personnel are free from noise hazards.

Installation of shield accessories: according to the reserved position, install shield door, shield window, ventilation waveguide, DC power supply, power filter, signal conduction board, etc. If it is installed on the frame and connected by screws, the middle part shall be equipped with elastic gasket and flat pad, and copper mesh belt shall be added.

Cleaning: after the shield is installed, the surface shall be polished with sea sand paper, and there shall be no dirt, especially acid-base sundries, to prevent corrosion of copper foil.


Galvanized steel sheet
Electrolytic copper foil
Reduce the noise produced by MR gradient scanning
base material
Pine imported from Canada or New Zealand

Company Profie

Shandong Gaochuang International Trade Co., Ltd. was founded on February 20, 2020 with the support of its parent company Shandong Dahua Yite Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. It has gradually developed into a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, design, production, sales, construction and testing services, specialized in R & D and production of radiation protection, relying on each other in the three fields of medical radiation protection, nuclear magnetic shielding and partition decoration Protection and shielding products, the company's business involves radiation protection, medical X-ray protection, nuclear medicine protection, medical RF shielding, industrial flaw detection protection, etc., and undertakes decoration works of professional protection and shielding space (such as large X-ray protection room, CT room, intervention operating room, accelerator, nuclear magnetic resonance room, etc.) and radioactive sewage treatment works of nuclear medicine department.

Since the establishment of our company, in line with the service tenet of serving the society and benefiting the people, and the spirit of being brave to work hard and forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, we have designed and implemented the decoration projects of radiation protection and shielding for hundreds of medical service units in China, and gained good reputation in the industry. In recent years, the company has not only solved a series of technical problems, but also obtained a number of national technical invention patents and utility model patents by introducing advanced shielding technology and equipment from abroad, absorbing advanced professional talents from home and abroad, combining with professional shielding companies from home and abroad, and vigorously developing new materials and conducting scientific research and innovation. It has become a leader in this industry.

At present, the domestic and foreign medical groups are: Siemens Medical, general medical, Philips Medical, Varian Medical, Lianying medical, Neusoft medical, Aotai medical, etc. Our company cooperated with Philips healthcare in certification in 2014. Our company is its certification manufacturer and its ASP cooperation supplier. Our company has cooperated with Siemens Healthcare for many years. In 2015, our company sent a number of technical personnel to Germany to study and receive training and become its ESP cooperation supplier. Our company has maintained a good cooperation relationship with Philips healthcare since its establishment, 2017 The year of 2018 and the year of 2018 are two years of rapid cooperation between our two sides. In these two years, we have undertaken most of the business of Lianying medical.

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