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Product Overview


Product Description


1. Fixture
1) Material  - Titanium
2) Surface Treatment (ASD : Anodic Spark Deposition Method)*Rough and porous Titanium Oxide layer mimicking the etched dentinal tubules of tooth
*Titanium Oxide layer’s thickness and Porosity controlled by voltages
*Excellent wettability
A. Comparative Analysis of Different Surface Treatments
ASD surface has 0.2~2μm micropores, which provides superior anchorage point for collagens and proteoglycans to invaginate into. The round contours of micropores in ASD surface maximize surface area, and allow more collagen bundles of osteoblast to anchor in larger surface area.
B. Attachment Stage of the Human Osteosarcoma Cells (U2OS) to ASD Treated surface.
a) Initial Contact with Surface
The projections composed of the extracellular matrix, collagens and proteoglycans which are secreted from human osteosarcoma cells(U2OS) anchor fast to 0.2~2 micropores and valley around micropores of ASD treated surface.
The 20nm collagen fiber seems to have an affinity for the micropores. This phenomenon explaines that at 4 weeks, the removal torque strength of ASD treated surface showed higher bone-bonding ability in the earlier stage.

b) Circumferential Spreading 
U2OS cells spread circumferentially over ASD treated surface. The cell is flattened on the surface.
c) Full Spreading and Flattening 
The cells are more flattened. The excretion composed of extracellular matrix, collagens, proteoglycans finally covers over the all surface.
d) Cells with Lamellipodia
The cells anchor to the treated surface and the adjacent cells with lamellipodia. The cell is divided itself and grows over the surface.
e) Completion of Osseeointegration
Osteoblasts cover the most of surface. Osseointegration is completed in histology.
3) Appearance & Features
A.To simplify the clinical procedure, there is only one type of implant connection.
B.The internal hexagonal connection provide a precision contact between abutment and the inside of the fixture.
C.Micro-thread allows for an increased bone-to-implant contact area
D.Macro-thread contribute to a stability of the implant and load distribution.
E.The cutting edge on apex of the implant  facilitate self-tapping function.

Product Name

Titanium surgical screw




Pure titanium, titanium alloy or others


Moderate hardness

Surface treatment



10 Piece

Supply ability

10000 Pieces/Month


Safe and friendly to human body










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