Professional customized glass Sapphire lens,Sapphire window

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Optical sapphire windows
Sapphire is a single crystal aluminum oxide (Al2O3). It is one of the hardest materials. Sapphire has good transmission characteristics over the visible, and near IR spectrum. It exhibits high mechanical strength, chemical resistance, thermal conductivity and thermal stability. It is often used as window materials in specific field such as space technology where scratch or high temperature resistance is required

Dongqiao Optics offers all kinds of customized optical windows which made from optical glass, optical crystal and laser crystal from UV, VIS to IR. The main products contain BK7 Windows, Sapphire Windows, Fused Silica Windows, Germanium (Ge) Windows, Silicon windows, ZnSe Windows, Barium Fluoride (BaF2) Windows, Calcium Fluoride IR grade (CaF2) Windows, Magnesium Fluoride(MgF2), ZnS Windows, Pyrex windows, BOROFLOAT windows,float glass windows, etc.

Optical sapphire windows
Optical Sapphire (Al2O3)
Diameter tolerance
Diameter Tolerance
Thickness Tolerance
Crystal axis cut
 Random (c-cut available upon request)
Surface Quality
80/50~10/5 (S/D)
<1 arc minute
AR or custom request

Product Description

Sapphire Windows for Demanding Applications

A sapphire window is ideal for use under demanding conditions and in harsh, stringent environments. Sapphire is the hardest material in the world other than diamond, and exhibits resistance to many chemical acids and alkalis. It also has very good scratch resistance, a high dielectric constant, and high thermal conductivity.
Dongqiao Optics manufacture high quality sapphire windows and precision optical components, and because of sapphire’s high mechanical strength we are able to make these optical windows much thinner and with better transmittance than other dielectric windows. Uncoated sapphire transmits best between 170 nm and 5.5 µm. We are able to provide custom windows to meet any specification

  • Sapphire Windows in Extreme Temperature Environments 

Sapphire’s maximum temperature rating of almost 2000 ° C makes it ideal for lamp shields, high temperature combustion chambers, furnace systems, and gas processing. A supported sapphire window remains at peak performance up to 1700 ° C and may reach 1950 C with absolutely no change to its shape and only the very slightest decrease in optical performance.

Sapphire is unique among optical material in this regard. The next best option, fused silica, will begin to degrade at temperatures of 1000 ° C and melts completely at 1650 °C.

  • Other Benefits of Sapphire Windows

Sapphire is inert in the presence of molten metal, acids, and all caustic agents with the sole exception of hot caustic salts.This makes sapphire an ideal choice for plasma chambers, sapphire lamps, and other situations where heat and corrosive chemicalswould destroy any other optical substrate. Their chemical inertness also makes them a good choice for medical and pharmaceutical applications, where maintaining purity of the surrounding substances is key.

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A: We are factory.

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A: Sure,welcome to you visit our factory at any time.

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A: Within3-8 days after we confirm you requirement.

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A: T/T, 100% L/C at sight, Cash, Western Union are all accepted if you have other payment,please contact me.

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