Воздухопроницаемая мембрана HongHua, машина для ламинирования тканей из полиуретана

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Price:20 000,00 $ - 50 000,00 $
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Product Overview


Products Description
The machine uses solvent-free and environmentally friendly PUR hot melt adhesive, which can be laminated to cloth + cloth, cloth + film and other composite materials required by various markets. The composite product has the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxicity, good adhesion and flexibility, high and low temperature resistance, not easily affected by temperature after moisture reaction, long-lasting elasticity, wear resistance, oil resistance, and aging resistance. In addition, PUR has excellent matte performance, low precipitation and neutral color characteristics, and can be applied to medical products that require repeated disinfection. The finished product compounded with the PUR hot melt adhesive laminator has a lower loss rate and a higher washing fastness. The PUR hot melt adhesive laminating machine can completely replace the traditional solvent-based laminating equipment. The production process does not use flammable, explosive and toxic solvent-based glue. The factory has no hidden safety hazards and meets the safety requirements of the national safety supervision department; it can enable front-line production workers It is far away from the harm of the solvent to the body, and there is no solvent residue in the composite product, which fully complies with the export environmental protection standards and has great social benefits.
1、The product has no residual solvent, and it uses an ideal environment-friendly glue to produce pollution-free emissions and save energy.
2、The combination of a small amount of diversified production design, cost savings, and a digitalized control system, No speed ratio, clearance, and temperature control, makes operation more favorable.
3、Composite process, the substrate without stretching, light and soft, feel good.
4、Hot melt adhesive does not contain water, no drying, compounding speed fast.
5、The composite process of wet solid reaction, irreversible, firmly bonded and washable.
6、Sticky, with small volume, save costs.
7、The heat source is oil heat, heating fast, uniform heat.
8、The melt system is independent and the melt is fully fast.
9、Dot gluing way, finished air permeability is good, strong three-dimensional sense.
10、The user-friendly design of the machine saves the operator and the installation area is small.
Safety chuck
Air shaft
Guide shaft
Silicone composite roller
Silicone release roller
Thermal oil coating roller
Composite steel roller
Silicone strip opening roller
Guide shaft
Reducer motor Water cooling roller (Teflon) Magnetic powder brake Unwinding gas expansion shaft Inflatable shaft safety chuck 3kw
motor and reducer Hot melt adhesive umbilical system Frame: The frame is welded by sheet steel, square tube, etc. Electrical
control and operation cabinet Equipment surface spray paint
The detailed structure, configuration, design and production may change without affecting the performance of the whole machine (the selected brand of accessories remains unchanged).
Technical Parameters
1. Manufacturing basis: 1800 type PUR compound machine according to the equipment sample drawing 
2. Heat source: industrial electricity 380V50HZ
3. Roller surface width: 1800mm
4. Finished product width: 1700mm
5. Mechanical speed: 1-50m/min
6. Installed capacity: about 62KVA
7. Dimensions: 10000X2400X3000mm
8. The weight of the machine is about 6000kg
The tabric,Nou-woven,TPU,PTFE,Nothing spin cloth,The Rexine sticking closes.
Auto industry:Lining and backrest cushion,Doorpost,Leather.
Clothing industry:Female bra,Clod-proof suit,Gym suit,Diving suit.
Shoemaking industry:Move an upper.
Health and medical community: Protection is convinced.
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Honghua Special Equipment Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer and distributor of composite machinery and special equipment machinery. Company has our own power plant, has ten years of experience in this field.We can provide:Mesh belt type laminating machine, Flame laminating machine, Adhesive laminating machine, Hot melt adhesive laminating machine, Glue point transfer laminating machine, Laminating materials production lines, Continuous production line for UD without weft cloth, Wall cloth compound machine, Teflon belt laminating machine, Cutting machine, Cutting bed, etc.
Adhering to the development path of scientific and technological innovation, Honghua Machinery has established close technical trade relations with Russia, Turkey, Japan, France, Czech Republic, India, Vietnam and other countries. Our products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions. The company's product quality has been recognized by customers at home and abroad and enjoys a high reputation. All of our equipment can be customized.Welcome to our factory site investigation and cooperation!
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The products of Jiangsu Honghua Special Equipment Co., Ltd. passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system demonstration,
There are 40 products that have obtained patented products, and 12 products have passed the provincial new product scientific and technological achievements appraisal. The technical content of the products can replace imported products.

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