Эфиопийский Стандартный ограничитель скорости GPS, интеллектуальный контроллер скорости автомобиля, Функция GPRS

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Product Overview


Ethiopia Standard GPS Speed Limiter Car Vehicle Intelligent Speed Controller GPRS Function

Product Description

          Vehicle speed limiter CA100F is an intelligent terminal equipment which can realize precise speed limiting for vehicles.  It is not only a speed limiter but also a GPS Tracker. Speed control precision is very high and the performance is reliable. It will not affect the big throttle start nor the power torque, stable and reliable. It only limits the maximum speed and the vehicle will not stall during speed limiting, and ensure the throttle pedal free movement in the right speed range.



1.1 the white head line



1.2.the white head line






 Following lines are indispensable in installation:

6: Brown line

8: Orange line, the line of the buzzer

9: Gray line, pick up the pulse line of the original car, connect the pulse line speed limiter, the speed limit function will not have too much delay, use GPS signal speed limit, there will be a delay of about 2 seconds

10: ACC line 

11: Power ground  

12: Positive power supply


2.The install steps:


2.1 Find the vehicle accelerator pedal line harness at first, then find the two signal lines from the six lines with multi-meter test.

There are six lines in the accelerator pedal interface, two power lines, two ground lines, and two signal lines. Start the vehicle, step on the accelerator pedal, let the vehicle in idle state, then the signal line voltage value will change, thus you can find the signal lines.

Please see the picture below


 2.2.Cut the two signal lines, and then connect <10brown line+9yellow line> and <4blue line+3white line> to the signal lines respectively.

Please note that as shown in the figure following, 10brown and 4 blue line are connected to the part close to the ECU, 9 yellow and 3 white are connected close to the accelerator pedal.




2.3.Find the speed pulse signal line of the car, connect to the 9 gray line of the GPS speed limiter, connect the speed pulse line, and the speed limit delay time is within 1 second.

2.3.1 How to find the car speed pulse line:

The principle is: when a voltage is applied to the pulse line, the speed pointer on the car dashboard will move, or the speed indicator of some cars will not move, but the odometer of the car will increase. Based on this principle, we designed a tool specifically for finding pulse lines: as shown below:



Start the vehicle at idle speed, insert the tool into the cigarette lighter port, connect the tool's GND line to the car's GND line, and the line behind the instrument panel, you can use the needle on the tool to tie one by one. When the speed indicator needle will move, Or the car odometer will increase, so that you can determine that line is the original car speed pulse line.



2.3.2 The main position of the speed pulse line is in the following sections:

A. Behind the dashboard

B. Audio host part

C. Gearbox output

D. Driving computer parts

E. ECU electric unit


2.4 Set the speed limit

2.4.1 How to set the speed limit value

After GPS SPEED LIMITER is installed completely, start the vehicle first. When the vehicle is idling, send a text message “STARTIDLE*123456”, the device will automatically learn the idle voltage, and then return the learned idle voltage value to the mobile phone---- this is very important!


Then use the text message "SPEED*123456*40" to set the speed limit value, first test it with GPS speed, and the speed limit function is normal.


2.4.2 How to calibrate the pulse coefficient

You can find the original car speed pulse line to be connected with the device’s pulse line. Then you can make the car run at a constant speed of 30km/h, then press the button twice to calibrate the current pulse coefficient.





Please be noted with: same vehicles have the same pulse coefficient

The default pulse coefficient is 450.

If you already know the pulse coefficient of the vehicle, you can set it directly by SMS.

PULSE*123456*26 (Note: this command sets the pulse coefficient to 26)


And you can set the speed limit value from platform when device is online, as following picture:




2.4.3 Download the data to U-disk:

Press and hold USB SWITCH for more than 3 seconds, all data will be downloaded to the U disk.

Besides, USB switch for other functions:

USB switch pressed continuously 2 times, it is automatic calibration pulse coefficient

USB switch presses continuously 3 times, it is connected to the Bluetooth printer to print data


2.4.4 Pulse speed showed on platform

From platform, you can see the speed limit value and the pulse speed value




2.5 For the Mechanical throttle, need add the relay.

2.5.1 Need use a relay, the signal wire of the relay is connected to the white wire (the end of the white port is marked with: mechanical throttle). When the speed exceeds the set speed, the throttle will be disconnected for 15 seconds, and after 15 seconds, the power 

will supply Oil for 2.5 seconds, then disconnect fuel and refuel, until the speed drops below the set speed (this 15 seconds is not fixed, you can modify the oil cutoff time for different models, such as this command: oiltime*123456*5 (Modified the disconnection time to 5 seconds)




2.5.2 How to connect the relay

Relay have 4 lines:

87A and 30PIN are respectively connected to the two ends of the cut oil pump line

86 connects 12V or 24V power line in series

85PIN connects to the white line of the GPS speed limiter.

Note: Control the speed of the speed limiter with above way, the delay of the speed limit will be relatively large. For example, if the speed limit is set to 40km/h, the car can also run up to 50km/h during acceleration. So, find the car pulse speed line and calibrate the pulse speed, the delay will be much smaller.

For vehicles with mechanical throttle, if want to limit the speed without delay, need connect a solenoid valve and use a relay to control the solenoid valve to achieve the purpose of real-time speed limit.

Solenoid valve picture:

2.5.3 Installation method:

In principle, it is the same as installing a relay, but it is necessary to cut off the oil pipe of the oil pump, and then both ends of the oil pipe are connected to the two ends of the solenoid valve. In this way, when the vehicle with a mechanical throttle exceeds the speed limit value, it will disconnect the oil circuit When it is lower than the speed limit value, the oil circuit will be restored.


2.6 Yellow line 4 of speed limiter:

After the vehicle is stolen, send command to cut off the fuel of the car remotely, command is: cutoil*123456, and refuel command is: supplyoil*123456

Note: For this function, you must connect the relay to yellow line 4 of speed limiter.


2.7 Limp mode testing

First, send command: openpulse*123456When cut off the car speed pulse line, the car will be limit to max speed is 30km/h, this speed will use the GPS speed.

When remove the whole white head connector, the car also will limit to 30km/h

Note: If it is a mechanical throttle car, the white wire of the BH (black head harness) must also be connected to the relay. When the WH (White head harness) is removed, the white wire will control the relay to limit the speed, and the black wire of BH also need to connect the GND of the car

3. LED indicator:

3.1 The red light is the power indicator. If it is steady, it indicates that the main power is on, and the off indicates that the main power is off.

3.2 Blue is the GPS indicator, always on indicates GPS positioning, and off means that GPS is not positioned.

3.3 Green is the system indicator. If it is steady, it indicates that the GSM network is not registered. Flashing indicates that the GSM network has been registered. Flashing twice indicates that GPRS is connected.

4. Key operation:

4.1 Press and hold for more than 3 seconds, the buzzer will sound and export data to the U disk.

4.2 Press the button 3 times continuously, the buzzer will sound and output data to the printer.

4.3 Press the button twice continuously, the buzzer sounds 2 times, and the current pulse coefficient is automatically calibrated.

5. Bluetooth printer:

Printer power light--Blue light if it is steady light indicates Bluetooth connection is normal, if blue light is off, Bluetooth is not connected

6. SMS commands:




Setting back to factory default



New Password:138138



Set Speed OK: 80



Cancel all alarm setting and re-power on



Set Interval 30 s OK






NEW ID: 13612345678






USERNAME:username,  PASSWORD: userpass






Upgrade Main Starting!!!



Set Acc On Interval 30s OK



Set Acc Off Interval 60s OK



Set Auto track 30s OK



Set Angle 60 OK



Device Info



Set PULSE parameter 450 OK



Start Idle Voltage OK: 0.360, 0.720



change the Bluetooth print time is 10 minutes



Bluetooth printer start to print



change the cut off fuel time to 5 seconds (only for the mechanical throttle car )



Cut off the fuel remotely



Supply fuel remotely


6.1 Analysis of the content of tcp reply:

(TP121.201.110.106P7000DD000019171223244F0000S0014R0000ON30OFF60VJun 12 2020A:CMNET,p450,s80,c15, 0.360V, 0.720V,12.43V,a0,G00,-59 dbm)

TP121.201.110.106 P7000: IP and port

DD000019171223244: device ID number

F0000S0014: upload data fail 0 times, successful 14 times

R0000: memory data is 0

ON30OFF60: interval of acc on is 30 seconds, and acc off is 60 seconds

VJun 12 2020: firmware of the devices is JUN 12 2020


p450: Pulse coefficient is 450 (If the pulse coefficient is larger, the speed will be smaller)

s80: speed limiter max =80km/h


7.Application Field:

1)     Vehicle Commanding and Dispatching System;

2)     Heavy Construction Vehicles Tracking Device;

3)     Dangerous goods transportation;

4)     Passenger Car Management;

5)     Logistics vehicle management.

6)     Oil Tanker Monitoring and Management

8. Parts list:

1.Power wire

2.Speed limit wire


4.GPS Antenna, GSM Antenna, SIM Card Slot

5.Bluetooth printer (optional)

















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