Shanghai Fangling 256M 16 I/O 2 axis cnc control system for Steel plate cutting F2100B

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Product Overview


Technical Specification
Control Axis
2 axis linkage(3 axis customizable)
Operating System
High-performance ARM
Control accuracy
Max pulses
200 kHz
Max speed
15,000 mm/m
Working Voltage
DC +24V
Plasma cutting, Flame cutting, Powder Marking, Demo
F2100B CNC controller is a new product, absorbing the advantages of many CNC controller,which is more user-friendly, more convenient and more cost-effective. The controller can control the motion of two axes, which is apt to the application of flame, plasma or laser cutting. This series is suitable for all two axis CNC machines whichsupport position control mode.
The controller high performance ARM chip and ultra large scale programmable device FPGA, runs multi task real-time operating system and adopts the method of combining software interpolation with hardware interpolation, making high-speed operation more stable and reliable. Reflect speed is very fast. Based on Fangling's research of CNC system for many years, the machines control is more stable and the protection mechanism is quite good.

Characteristics 1.Chinese/English/French/Portuguese/Russian/Denmark/Korean language are supported, the language can be switched easily. In addition to Chinese and English, it need customer to provide language translation documents. In addition to Arabic, other languages are all available. 2.System can be upgrade by USB. Lifetime Software upgrade service. 3.Support CAN bus connection. 4.Cutting technique parameters library. 5.Support Multi-stations(Multiple THC and its panel) configuration. 6.Support Laser pointing function. 7.Support Plasma cutting dynamic perforation function. 8.Process workpieces, Running time and perforation times statistics. 9.Support Edge cutting, lesser preheat time for thick plate. 10.Corner limit speed depends on the thickness of the plate, prevent overburn. 11.The view for cutting shape, zoom in/out, easy to track the cutting cursor. 12,Blackout, breakpoint memory function. 13.”Offset cutting”function can prevent the waste of the workpiece when miscalculation happened. 14.Can set different levels of administration, passoword setting can protect your rights.
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CAN bus
1. All devices are connected by CAN bus. 2. Convienient and more stable connection.
3. More stable signal transfer.
4. Double wire serial bus
5. Better anti-inteference ability.

Parameters Library
1. User can directly import the presave cutting parameters.
2. Automatically syschronize THC parameters. 3. No more repeat setting, Improve the working efficiency.

Stations Configuration
1. Visualize stations interface 2. Realtime observation of the working status. 3. Can modify the parameters of the THC in your CNC controller,synchronize automatically. 4. Four stations support at most.
Company Profile
Shanghai Fangling Computer Software Co., Ltd is the high-tech enterprise which has more than 10 years’ experience in research, development, production and marketing of Computer Numerical Control(CNC) Field. Nowadays, the company has successfully launched several product lines that include Plasma/Flame plate cutting controller, Built-up Welding Control System, Drilling Control System, Tube Cutting CNC controller, C-beam/H-beam Cutting CNC controller and other related CNC field control systems.

These products are widely being used in multiple manufacturing businesses such as Marine Engineering, Mineral Engineering, Construction, and Automobile manufactory. The market is not only covering China, but also covering Southeast Asia, Russian, Africa, Europe, and South America, etc.. The products are being highly spoken because of their performance and cost-effectiveness.
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