On site flange facer for grooves, chamfers, RTJ, lens ring seal and weld preps and handles

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Product Overview


On site flange facer for grooves, chamfers, RTJ, lens ring seal and weld preps and handles




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Performance, versatility, and safety. Delivers high-torque performance to quickly re-surface flanges and repair sealing and bearing surfaces efficiently and cost-effectively. Can be configured in either ID, OD, or surface-mount configurations for a variety of machining applications, with a quick and easy changeover.


Rigid, versatile and fast. Delivers high-torque performance to quickly re-face flages and repair seal and bearing fits without costly disassembly and needless downtime. cuts angles, grooves, chamfers, RTJ, lens ring seals and weld preps and handles.


The lightweight and simple to use whether you're facing , beveling or turning valve, pipe or pump flanges. It's designed for machining mid-sized diameter raised face and flat pipe flanges or beveling pipe with optional beveling head.

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Product Description


IFF610 Flange Facing is an overall cost effective technique which allows you to face, bevel,and turn pipe,value and pump flange with ease . Which in turn helps to keep your plant running efficiently, safely and more environmentally friendly.


It gives machine shop accuracy , combined with ease of handing and portablity in the flange range .Spur gears engage directly on the drive ring, keep power requirements and losses to a minimum and allowing maximum torque at the cutting tool . When the machine is used in the vertical plane , balancing is greatly reduced.


IFF610 can be used in horizontally,verically or overhead planes.


Here is the drawing of IFF610 portable flange facing machine

Quick and Easy Setup & Removal

• Separate mounting chuck.

• All centering and leveling is done on the chuck.



• Body of machine weighs only 99 lbs (45 kg).

• Smallest mounting chuck weighs about 5 lbs (2.2 kg).


Safe and Quiet Operation

• Stationary feed rate selector.

• Machine is controlled without touching any moving parts.

• Exhaust air is routed through body of machine for increased muffling.


Simplified Operation

• Single selector switch for bidirectional radial feed or vertical downfeed.

• One wrench size for clamping jaws and body draw bolt.


Cuts Chamfers and Grooves 

• Compound tool head and downfeed for cutting angles and grooves.


The IFF610 machine is supplied complete with toolkit including tools and inserts, air filter lubricator and hose connection, all required mounting base and extensions, storage / shipping box, CE certificate, packing list and manual.


IFF610 portable flange facing machine applications:

Flange facing machine application for Oil, Gas and Chemical ,Power Generation ,Heavy Equipment ,Ship building & repair


Typical applications:

•  Piping system flanges                • Valve flanges and bonnet flanges

• Heat exchanger flanges              • Vessel flanges

• Flange faces on piping systems  • Pump housing flanges

• Weld preps                                  • Tube sheet bundles.

• Bearing mounting bases              • Final drive hubs

• Bull gear faces                             • Manufacturing of mining equipment

• Slew rings                                    • Bearing mounting bases

• Crane pedestal flange.

Portable flange facing machine flange facer portable machine application:

Flange face machine

RTJ grooving surface remachining






Packaging & Shipping

 Portable flange facing machine flange facer portable machine

Here is the package box : 67 x 45 x 40cm -62kg in total (Aluminum box)

Easy to carry and reliable quality on site shipping.


Company Information

Dongguan portable tools focus on designing and manufacturing the portable tools, including the portable line boring machine, portable flange facing machine, portable auto bore welder, portable line milling machine...With rich experience of technicians, we make the high quality and reliable products

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