IP65 Wide Angle 3 Optional Modes Wireless Motion Sensor led solar wall light (1600091282392)

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Product Overview


IP65 Wide Angle 3 Optional Modes Wireless Motion Sensor led solar wall light


Adjustable Light Modes

1.Medium Light Mode: It will charge in the day time. Automatically turn on medium light in darkness or at night. The lighting time is about 6-8 hours after fully charged for 7-8 hours in the sun.  

2.Dim Light Sensor Mode: It will charge in the day. Auto turn on dim light in darkness or at night when no motion is detected. It will turn on to bright light when motion is detected and last about 15-20 seconds. It will turn on to dim light again when there is no motion.

3.Sensor Mode: It will charge in the day. Auto turn on bright light in darkness or at night when motion is detected and last about 16-20 seconds. The light will go off when there is no motion.

Product Description


        . Power-saving & Eco-friendly Solar-powered Lights

          LED solar motion lights ensure efficient lighting as photovoltaic conversion rate is up to 21%. IP65

          waterproof design stands with harsh weather condition.

  • Unique Wide Angle Sensor

          It can detect movements from 10 to 26 feet at up to 140 Degrees, covering much more illumination

         area. Wide angle sensor solar light’s ideal installation height is around 2.5 meters.

  • Intelligent Lighting Modes

          IP65 Waterproof motion sensor light comes with adjustable Medium Light Mode, Dim Light Sensor Mode

          and Sensor Mode to meet your demands. Convenient to switch the suitable light mode in the backside

          of the light.

  • Improved Illumination

          44 LED solar-powered lights provide supreme lighting. Brighter than the old version and other similar

         LED solar lights in the market.

  • Easy To Install         

        You can simply mount LED solar motion sensor light on the wall with included screws, no

        wiring necessary.

NameLED solar wall light
Battery3.7v 4000mah Li-ion
sensing distance8-10m
delay time15sec
Sensor angle180degree
Installation TypeWall  Mounted



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Question: does this need direct sun to charge or just day light? front of my garage is full shade, if put up there, will they recharge?
Answer: Thank you for your question. Sure, the solar light needs the sunlight to charge. Please make sure it can absorb full sunlight for an extended period of time to be fully charged before use. If your garage is under full shade, we are afraid that the solar panel cannot absorb enough sunlight.

Question: What is the life span for long term usage? Could it last more than a decade?
Answer: Thank you for your question. We are so sorry that now we cannot provide the life span, because the life span can depend on many factors. But the customers' feedbacks of this product are good. Some of our customers used it for several years and found it still works well.

Question: In the medium light setting, does it stay on medium all night? Does it get brighter when someone comes around and then return to medium?
Answer: Dear A. Fowler,
Thank you for your question. Yes, in the medium light setting, it will charge during the day time, and automatically turn on medium light when in darkness or at night. When detects motion, the light will become brighter, and turns back to the medium light, after 15-20 seconds.

Question: Would this be ideal for motion detecting camera?
Answer: Dear Damon,
Thank you for your question. There is an Unique Wide Angle Design of Litom solar light that offers a larger coverage of luminosity (526 lumens). It is brighter than other solar lights on the market. In addition, we are equipped with the most advanced motion-sensing PIR technology.

Question: how are they mounted and installed?
Answer: Thank you for your question. There are three ways to install the light:
1. Make holes in the wall and stuck the plastic plug in holes, then you can assemble the screws and hang the light. Those white plastic plugs are expansion anchors, usually for used in drywall. (The screws and plastic plugs are included)

Question: Can this lights stay on all night. Or are they just motion sensor activated?
Answer: Yes and no, you can tell it to stay on as soon as it activates from low light, but the instructions say that will cause it to run out of power in about 4 hours. There is another setting where it can stay on in a dim state all night and turn bright for 20-30 seconds when motion activated.

Question: are the battries replacable
Answer: Dear Ken,
Thank you for your question. It is not recommended to replace the battery, as disassembling the product may affect the waterproof function.
However, there is no need to worry about the battery. Our product is built in 18650 lithium battries which have long operating life with good maintenance. W

Question: What kind of battery this needs for replacement?
Answer: As of yet I haven't had to replace any of my lights batteries, and I have 7.
They've been going strong for over a year now. My whole back yard has lights. Even when the sun doesn't come out for a few days, the lights still work.


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