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Vietnam manufacturer Natural Rubber SVR 20 (TSR 20) with cheap price
Place of origin
Natural rubber SVR 20
Rubber tyres, soles shoes, bands, sport balls, gloves, threads, conveyors, belts, etc.
33.33 kg/bale; 36 bales = 1.20mts/pallet; 16 pallets = 19.20mts/container 20’
Length : 670 mm ± 20mm 
Width : 330 mm ± 20mm 
Height : 170 mm ± 5mm
Dirt content (max% wt): 0.16
Ash content (max % wt): 0.8
Nitrogen content (max % wt): 0.6
Volatile matter (max % wt): 0.8
Initial plasticity ( Po ) (min): 30
Plasticity retention index (PRI) (min): 40
• Stable viscosity 
• Flexibility, adhesion has confirmed this rubber thrive on the domestic market as well as the world.
Packaging Description
1/Wooden Pallets:
(palletized crates or wooden pallets): are made from hardwood, containing no termites and bark. Each wooden pallet contains
1,200kg or 1,260kg.
Size of pallets:
+ Length : 1,425mm ± 5 mm
+ Width : 1,100mm ± 5 mm
+ Height : 925 mm ± 5 mm
All of wood used to make pallets are processed with Borate solution (mixing 6kg Borate with 3m3 of water, soaking within 8 hours,
then taking out to dry.
2/Shrinkwrapped packing (Contractive plastic pallet):
Contractive plastic cover is made of polyethylene with 0.2mm in length.
Rubber is fixed with wooden or steel pallets
Using a gas burner to make PE bags contract in order to fix rubber bales.
Support of each bale is usually made of wooden and is stable enough to use a fork-lift to transport goods.
3/Loose bales packing:
33.33kilos each: each export container 20’ may contain from 20 ton (600 bales) to 21 ton (630 bales).

Company Profile

NAM DAT TRADING SERVICE PRODUCTION COMPANY LIMITED is the leading company in natural rubber manufacturing and trading.
Our company was established in 2011, one of the trading leaders in Vietnam rubber industry. Having realized the increasing demand of domestic and export markets, we built up our own factory, located in Dak Nong Province. Our aim is to produce natural rubber for expanding our capacity in order to meet the greater inquiries in domestics and export.
Our products are committed to sustainability and high quality. We develop our products to achieve high standard commercial rate and qualify Vietnam Standard in rubber industry.
Located in a rich area of natural rubber material, we are proud of manufacturing our products with the highest quality such as natural rubber SVR 3L, SVR 10, SVR CV, Compound…
In our factory, environmental protection and labor safety are put on the top priority.
We are dedicated to brand name of Nam Dat Company based on 4 core values: Prestige, Quality, Safety and Environment.

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1. "Why choose us"
We supply for global manufactures and trading companies a sourcing high quality SVR 3L, SVR 10, CV60, 50 and Compound natural rubber from our reliable and fair trade factory.

2. How do I contact your company/factory?
Please feel free to contact us by
Email: [email protected].
Tel: (+84)908.444110/ Whatsapp, Line, Viber, Wechat, Telegram, Zalo.
Skype ID: namdat.rubbercompany

3. Who will pay for the freight charge?
We accept all commercial terms such as FOB, CIF, CFR, L/C, DP, DA, TT, TT Prepayment. Please contact us for further details on freight and payment term which suite with our negotiation.

4. What are technical features of SVR 3L rubber?
Light color
High level of purity
High elasticity and elongation
Good aging resistance

5. What is SVR 3L QUALITY ACCORDING TO TCVN 3769: 2016
SVR 3L is also known as block rubber is graded according to precise technical parameters such as dirt content, ash content, nitrogen content, volatile matter and properties of the rubber such as its Wallace Plasticity (PO) and its Plasticity Retention Index (PRI).
1. Dirt content (max% wt), retained on 45 micron sieve: 0,03
2. Ash content (max % wt): 0,50
3. Nitrogen content (max % wt): 0,60
4. Volatile matter (max % wt): 0,80
5. Initial plasticity ( Po ) (min): 35
6. Plasticity retention index (PRI) (min): 60
7. Lovibond Color I Index (max) Difference between samples (max): 6
8. Mooney Viscosity ML ( 1’ + 4’ ) 100 oC: –

6. How about the other commercial terms?
We accept all commercial terms such as FOB, CIF, CFR, L/C, DP, DA, TT, TT Prepayment. Please contact us for further details on freight and payment term which suite with our negotiation.

7. How do I proceed with the order?
Please contact us for your enquiry then we offer quotation and instructions to proceed the order.

8. Do you facilitate customer vissiting your factory?
Of course, we welcome customer to visit our factory to experience behind the scene of our customized production, manufacturing process and quality check.

9. How do I know your packing conditions?
We could send you pictures and video clips during our packing process.

10. Why buy natural rubber from NAM DAT?
Our products qualify all test result, certificates of TCVN, ISO, affordable price.
Our core of business: Prestige, Quality, Safety, Environmental protection.

Contact us

Commercial Office: 14/38 Dao Duy Anh, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan Dist. Ho Chi Minh City.
Tel: (+84) 28 38440799 - Fax: (+84) 28 38423013
Contact Person: Ms. Jenny Phuong
Email: [email protected]
H/P: +84 369 60 18 16

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