Powder Nitrile Butadiene Rubber special for friction material

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Product Overview


Product Description

The powder NBR has good adhesion and adhesion to the phenolic resin to increases the bonding ability of the friction material to improve the flexibility of the friction material. It is mainly used in automobile disc brake, drum type brake, clutch, train brake shoe, motorcycle brake pad, grinding tool and other products.

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1. improve the heat resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance and low temperature resistance of the product


2. good dispersion in raw material blending to reduce the friction rate of the product


3. in the process of use, reduce the hardness of the product, improve the braking noise of the product, and provide the comfort of the braking process.


4. the fluidity and brittleness of the phenolic resin have an obvious improvement. The combination of the two has a better complementary effect, and the stability of the friction coefficient is improved. There is an obvious improvement on the cracking of the product and the drills and avalanche


5. have good low-temperature flexibility, compression deformation, aging resistance and improving the impact resistance of products



Mineral Fiber Production Process


Developed energy-efficient melting furnace, coupled with a unique production process, energy consumption than the same industry in China to reduce more than 30% to 140 kg / h; melting rate and yield increased by 20% or more, reaching 6 per hour Tons of dissolved amount, 85% of the finished product rate, high yield and low energy consumption, more than 40% of domestic production capacity of the same production line, energy consumption lower than 40% of other domestic production line, the production line has fully reached the technical level of the same industry in Japan, Praised by Japanese experts!



Why choose us


 Independent innovation intelligent two-wire multi-performance feeding system technology  NewTime Foundation material feeding system realizes the functions of automatic material selecting, material weighing, material weighing, sub-sieve, iterative fabric feeding and high-speed material feeding, and can simultaneously supply two production lines, which effectively avoids redundant construction and investment and improves production efficiency .


Competitive Price System

1- Sample price

2- Trail order price

3- Massive order price

4- Target goal refund

5- Annual bonus



1- 7*24 hours fast response

2- Professional team who deal with price, payment, delivery and Customs declaration

3- Flexible and Customize services


certified and Text

Longdo products passed several certifications

ISO9001 and ISO14000

SGS , EU REACH toxic and hazardous substances, non-asbestos testing,

Thermal conductivity: ASTM C 518, Non-combustible: ASTM 136, Flame spread detection: ASTM E84

Sound absorption and noise reduction testing: ISO354

China National Building Materials Testing Center adhesive strength, non-combustible, thermal conductivity and many other testing and certification

China Classification Society CCS thermal conductivity, non-combustible, fire-resistant and other tests

NTF fiber spraying machine EU CE certification


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