2021 Brand New Special 3000 Ton Train Shunting Locomotive For High Quality Railway Freight Cars (1600092810978)

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Product Overview


3000kg traction tons capa city internal combustion type railcar locomotive QY3000

Product Description


1. Serialization of products can realize any traction with a tonnage below 3,000 tons.

2. The vehicle is equipped with traffic monitoring system, hydraulic lifting lock system, one-key self-locking system for railway and railway conversion, special braking system for railway and railway dual-use tractor, anti-falling track system, air conditioning system, etc.

3. High cost performance, energy saving, environmental protection and noise reduction.

4. Unique technology, light weight, high energy conversion efficiency, low speed and great traction.

5. Easy to operate, low labor intensity, a slightly trained driver can operate independently.

6. Two-way traction, steering operation can also be done without turnout, reliable performance, safe operation.

7. Long service life, generally more than 15 years.

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Penny Wang
Sales Manager

Email: penny"A"evangelchina.com

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