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Product NameSLAT CREAM [Body Cream]
Place of OriginJapan






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SLAT Cream turns white fat cells into active brown and beige fat in humans.

Improves the rate of fat burning and leads to the creation of a body that is less likely to get fat.


Brown fat cells cannot increase in number and decrease with age. However, brown fat cells can be converted to active beige fat cells.

The method is “cold sensation stimulation.” This is a water bath, but it is actually difficult to do it. The other one is “daily exercise”, but this is not an easy way either.


Therefore, we need this SLAT CREAM, which increases the rate of burning by burning its white fat cells into active beige fat cells and burns fat. In other words, it is possible to create a body not getting fat easily.




[The condition of the person who is losing weight]

Many active beige fat cells, and brown fat cells are activated

= Because the burning rate is high, it is difficult for white fat cells to accumulate.


[The condition of the person who is getting fat easily]

Brown fat cells decrease due to less active beige fat cells

= There are more white fat cells, and they are stored unburned even if you eat.



Three slimming active ingredients activate mitochondria and burn fat.






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