Benali Huanglong 600abs main pump motorcycle refitted with ABS anti lock system (1600093480849)

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Benali Huanglong 600abs Main Pump Motorcycle Refitted with ABS Anti Lock System

Working voltage

DC12V / 24V

Working medium

Dot3 or DOT4

Waterproof grade


Maximum system pressure



The maneuverability of the vehicle is maintained, the direction of rotation can still be maintained during emergency braking, the obstacles can be avoided, the gyroscopic effect of the vehicle can be maintained, and the dangerous situations such as falling and sideslip can be avoided.

Shorten the braking distance. In the same case, the maximum shortening on the general pavement (cement, asphalt, etc.)10%; the smooth road surface (ice, snow, etc.) can be shortened by 30% at most.

Reduce tire wear and maintenance costs.

Comprehensively improve the braking feeling, soft and stable braking, no impact, and experience a new braking feeling.

Ensure the safe driving of vehicles.


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