Предварительно отправленная партия, завод по производству сухого раствора, профессиональная машина для изготовления клея для плитки (1600095447222)

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Product Overview


Dry mortar Mixing Plant

Energy-saving equipment for dry mortar mixer with high quality is on hot sale

main machineFJD600FJD1200FJD2000FJD3000 
high speed endtwo-pole (7.5kW),four-pole(5.5kW)(optional)two-pole (7.5kW),four-pole(5.5kW)(optional)two-pole (7.5kW),four-pole(5.5kW)(optional)two-pole (7.5kW),four-pole(5.5kW)(optional) 
volume fraction of mixer70%70%70%70% 
aggregate size (mm)0~1.180~1.180~1.180~1.18 
aggregate scale(kg)(100~800)±1%(200~1300)±1%(300~2200)±1%(400~3800)±1%adjustable according to client's requirement
cement scale(kg)(100~800)±1%(200~1300)±1%(300~2200)±1%(400~3800)±1%adjustable according to client's requirement
additive scale(kg)(100~800)±1%(200~1300)±1%(300~2200)±1%(400~3800)±1%adjustable according to client's requirement

Dehumidification system


Double return roller, Intelligent detection, Easy maintenanc

The finished product temperature out of double return drying roller ≤65℃,and it‘s moisture content <0.5%,so that excessive temperature to make the additive ineffective can be effectively avoided.And comparing with triple return roller, which difficult to repair and easy to be scrapped, double return drying roller has unique

intelligent detection system, easy to operate control interface etc.

Dust removal system


Integrated and intelligent dust removal

Container type integrated dust removal mode mainly uses gravity precipitation and dust-proof bag these two main approaches, which can keep dust emission less than 20mg/Nm3.And this system is intelligent impulse type. Cleaner production can avoid the dust leaking from the roller and dust sticking to the dust-proof bag effectively.

Screening system


Stable and efficient,Easy maintenance

The screening efficiency of probability griddle can achieve 95% or more. Then the grading control of sand can be improved significantly. So the product formula can be made more accurate. Beyond that, the screen system can keep itself cleaning, you don’t need to maintain it specifically.

Metering system


Accurate, Stable, Reliable

The unique variable frequency feeding technique makes the measurement results more accurate(±1%-±2%),even can be superior to industry standard. Our metering system has higher quality and lower cost.

Ordinary mortar agitator


New methods, Efficient mixing, Low energy consumption

The new upgrade spiral vane blending method can be applied to unconventional product formula. It can mix different kinds of aggregate, such as fragile components,light aggregate and large size aggregate perfectly. Intelligent automatic lubrication system is very reliable on quality and easy to be maintained.

Special mortar agitator


High efficiency and energy saving, Good abrasion resistance, High mixing ratio

Special mortar agitator adopts the design of plowshare agitation, and also has domestic exclusive proprietary technology of frequency conversion stirring. It has high abrasion resistance, long service life, high efficiency and energy saving(saving energy up to 25%) ,and the product’s mixing ratio can achieve 1:10000.

Environmental protection type bulk dust removal system


Effective dust removal, Clean and efficient

Exclusive discharging way of finished product has already achieved isolating dust. Its superior dust removal effect can let you realize cleaner production.

Sand making system


Intelligent, Environmental, Convenient, Efficient

The dry sand making technology’s friendly to environment and intelligent. The artificial sand’s shape is right round as the natural one; the fineness modulus and content of stone powder in it can all be regulated by control system. Ordinary mortar produced by this system doesn’t need to be screened secondly. It can also produce

some kinds of special mortar.

Intelligent control system


Safe, Reliable, Never stop, Cloud data safe

Dual computer synchronous production management control system make the production line can be unattended. A trouble warning technology patent is applied to this system. Beyond that, it has achieved remote monitoring, cloud data collection and diagnosis, intelligent fault diagnosis, product quality online inspection and report classification query.

For you to customize


According to different conditions, Depending on your needs, Custom-made for you

Our all kinds of equipment are equipped with integrated environmental protection system.Our special mortar production line can be custom-made.Every design is born for your needs.



Q: How is the quality of your products?

A: our machines are manufactured strictly according to national and intemational standards, and we take a test oneach equipment before delivery You can also use Trade Assurance by Alibaba for product quality protection, on-time shipment protection and payment protection.

Q: How about the price?

A: We are factory and be able to give you the lowest price than market one, and we have a policy that for saving timeand absolutely honest business attitude, we quote as low as possible for any customer, and discount can be given according to quantity.

Q: Do you provide after-sale service?

A: Yes. The warranty period of our machines is one year, and we have a professional after-sale service team to promptly and thoroughly solve your problems.

Q: Do you provide equipment operation training?

A: Yes. We can send professional engineers to the working site for equipment installation, adjustment, and operation training. All of our engineers have passports.

Q: Can you test our samples?

A: Yes. You can send your samples to us for test and analysis

Q: Service and Payment Terms?

A: We usually accept T/T, LC. T/T: 30% in advance as down payment, the balance before delivery We take pictures of finished products before delivery.

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