Wholesale alibaba automatic hopper electromagnetic copper vibrating feeder (1600097422749)

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Company Introduction

Dalian Aocheng Automation Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of non-standard vibration feeding system. The main products are vibration bowl, linear vibrator, vibration hopper and controller, which are widely used in light industry machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, hardware, plastics, toys, medicine, food and other industries. Compared with similar products, this machine has the advantages of high precision, long life and convenient operation, which solves the problems of automatic sorting and feeding. The company has a professional design, research and development, production and other functional departments, which can put forward your needs, we immediately provide solutions, and on the basis of ensuring the quality of products to achieve rapid delivery, we promise: every vibrating bowl from production to factory, in strict accordance with the company's quality assurance system, quality and process standards to complete, so that customers can rest assured use. We hope that our high-quality products and services for the development of your enterprise to bring greater value!

Vibratory bowl feeders for machined parts from Dalian Aocheng Automation Co., Ltd.are very common in automatic application. The machined parts include fasteners,screws,bolts,nuts,springs,keys and lots of car parts. At the same time,vibratory bowl feeders can also be developed for special purpose customized parts feeding systems as add on to basic machines such as cylindrical grinding machine,riveting machines,induction hardening machines,spot welding machines,tapping machines,assembly machines.

Our Advantages

Our vibratory bowl feeders for machines parts have some features:
1. suitable for medium-sized to large parts
2. high reliabitily
3. proven quality
4. long life
5. spring disentanglement

Vibratory feeders feed and orient parts or components of products from various industries, such as electronics, medical &
hygiene,food & beverage, FMCG, automotive, cosmetics, package, metalworking, glass, foundry, pulp and paper, recycling, plastics
......almost every industry has a need for vibratory feeders.

The feeder's bowl is highly customized, collaborated with extended linear tracks if necessary, and driven upon a drive unit by a
voltage regulator. Well-designed vibratory feeders can carefully and accurately deliver parts to the production line, assisting
the efficient output. When installed with photoelectric / fiber optic sensors or CCD cameras, feeders can automatically start or
stop feeding, carrying out more difficult sorting, orienting, detection and inspection.

Our supply highly-customized, highly-effective vibratory feeders, orienting and sorting parts of capacitors, inductors, resistors,
diodes, fuses, terminal blocks, drill-bit materials, powders, medical disposable products, food & beverage products, etc.This
Aluminium Vibratory Bowl Feeder for Disc Capacitor has a large-platform, multi-track exit design bespoke to feed discs with
diameters 2-5 mm / depths 0.8-1.5 mm. Vibratory feeders for parts of other types or materials of capacitors e.g. MLCC and other
passive components such as inductors and resistors are also available, all are to be customized to meet our customers' particular

Our's vibratory bowl feeders have bowl diameters ranging from 150 to 600 mm, and the height of it from 40 to 200 mm. Our experienced engineers and technicians carry out smooth and consistent feeding by applying track width reduction, track slope change, blades and bars, dual- or multi-track exit, sensors and cameras, and never stop pursuing more inventive techniques and innovative technologies.

Just bring your parts to us, surely you will bring back satisfaction.

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