Превосходное dispersity baso4 наполнителя маточной использования (1600099844026)

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1.Precipitated Barium Sulfate Properties
Chemical formula: BaSO4, Molecular Weight: 233.39, CAS: NO.7727-43-7, National Standard: GB/T2889-2017, Appearance: Colorless Oblique Crystal or White No Styling Powder, Relative Density 4.50 (15℃), Melting Point 1580 ℃. MOHS hardness:3.0, Index of refraction: 1.64, Solubility: 20 ℃: 0.00024g/100g water. It can absorb harmful rays.It almost insoluble in water, ethanol, organic solvents, acids and alkalies. But it can dissolved in boiling hot sulfuric acid. It Is the only non-toxic common barium salt. It can be Reduced to barium sulfide and carbon dioxide at 600℃ by carbon.

D50 (μm)
BaSO4 content (%)
Moisture (%)
Whiteness (%)
Oil Absorption g/100g
Ph Value
Specific Grravity g/cm3
Water Soluble Matters (ppm)
Bulk density g/cm³
Compact bulk density

2. Mainly Application for Precipitated Barium Sulfate
Precipitated barium sulfate is a kind of material with environmental protection function due to its strong chemical inertness, good stability, acid and alkali resistance, moderate hardness, high whiteness, high luster, and the ability to absorb harmful x rays. It is widely used in various coatings, PCB inks, color printing inks, modified plastics, high-gloss PP, transparent masterbatch, color masterbatch, elastomer, chemical fiber, paper, cosmetics and other fillers. Also can be used as a fluoroscopy of the stomach (that is called barium meal), the cathode of the battery expansion stick; It can be used as a protective wall material for preventing radiation, used in nuclear facilities, atomic power plants, X-ray laboratories, etc., and it also has a very good shielding effect. It has the X-ray development function, which can be used for medical developing fiber and children's toys. Also can be used for drainage pipes.

3.The factory.
Our factory locates in Yunfu city, Liudu town. Our total planning annual capacity is more than 80,000 tons barium sulfate and 60,000 tons functional masterbatch. We have invested 150 million RMB in the first phase factory, with annual capacity more than 35,000 tons of various filler masterbatch and 50,000 tons of ultra-fine and high transparent barium sulfate.

4. Our workshop
Here is our workshop for precipitated barium sulfate

5 Our warehouse
4000 sqm warehouse is enough to offer the fast delivery, 5-7 days after the deposit.

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