Glass Cullets Color Sorter color sorting machine glass recycling machine

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Product Overview


Sorting Cases

Raw glass before sorting Brown after sorting White after sorting
White after sorting Blue after sorting Green after sorting

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Why Choose Us

       (1) LED long lifetime gives a consistent and reliable output, and reduces the cost of maintenance and running.                                                                                                                                  (2) LED ensures the high-definition image quality and meets 1000kinds of color separation, as well as identifies subtle color changes.
2. Optical CCD Color Cameras 
                                                                                                                      High resolution CCD camera can recognize the target just like the human eyes do, improving the removal of slight color defectives and challenging foreign materials. With world-class optics, camera can identify subtle color and minimal defects.
3. High accurate ejector system   
                                                                                                                  High accuracy and high speed ejection, together with high precision detection accomplish the highly efficient removal of unwanted products.                                                                               4. Belt-type structure                                                                                                                                           Unlike the traditional chute-type causing collision, frication and large vertical movement which would not only damage the machine and worsen the materials, but also shorten the lifetime of machine and increase the fee of maintenance, the belt-type design contributes many excellent sorting solutions. On the one hand, belt-type color sorter transports the material on the belt in horizontal direction, which makes less collision happens and lower damage rate. On the other hand, stable speed transportation on the belt leads to better camera detection and more precise foreign material ejection. Unique double layer belt-type design can also increase the accuracy and could finish all the processing procedure at the same time.

Company Profile


After-sales Service

  Angelon offering customizable service packages, stock on spares and upgrade kits, to ensure your optical sorters perform at maximum possible efficiency. Training courses and Competence Centers offering application and product trials are also available at regional sites and local offices around the world. 

1.\tBased on an agreed number of annual visits, our engineers will replace key wear parts, provide consultation and advise on future maintenance requirements. 
 2.\tSorter performance can be viewed remotely by customers and our engineers. Faults can be diagnosed and performance optimized in any location using a laptop, tablet. 
 3.\tOptical sorting training courses available from various regional Angelon locations. From operator to management, basic to advance, speak to your local representative for course selection and availability.

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