Светодиодная настенная гирлянда на батарейках EID MUBARAK, настольная Ночная гирлянда, Рамадан, украшения, знак шатра, буквы алфавита (1600101364853)

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Product Overview


Ramadan lights
Power supply : battery box,
Functions: steady on
:E ( 13.3*16.3*3.5 cm)
I (7.7* 16.3*3.5 cm)
D (13.4*16.3*3.5 cm)
M (16.8*16.3*3.5 cm)
U (14.8 *16.3*3.5 cm)
B (13.5**16.3*3.5 cm)
A (14.6*16.3*3.5 cm)
R (15*16.3*3.5 cm)
K (14.4*16.3*3.5 cm)
Emitting colors: warm white
We have other color gold, silver and red available.
Also we have bigger sizes of letters available.

Product Description

There are various colors available.
10-50 led, can be customized.

We have many types of Ramadan & Eid decorations lights , and will keep developing new models from time to time. Please add our website as your favorite .

Please view more Ramadan lights on our website:

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Company Introduction

Taizhou Morning Made Import & Export Co., LTD. is located in Linhai city, Zhejiang province. Linhai is well-known for one of the largest manufacturing bases of holiday lights in China, even in the world. Holiday lights was started to manufacture since more than 30 years ago from here, so the manufacturing line is developed very well. You can find every parts here, and there are more than 2000 factories making the same parts and same processing. And a lot of factories are doing assembly work. We can also do the same assembly job by local rich resource. Our price can be lower than many factories, also as a trading company, we can do better than them for many aspects as following:
1. Source and select quality suppliers.
For some people, finding a supplier is a very simply matter. But in my opinion, it’s as difficult as finding a right soul mate.
After all, in B2B field, we are all looking for long-term relationships, not one-night stands. As a local trading company, we can first select a supplier with experience in supply chain management, and then form a long-term strategic partnership to win support.
2. Educate and manage suppliers.
It’s undeniable that many suppliers have no experience in supply chain management. So we need to spend time and energy to improve the management capabilities of suppliers. We can act as a consultant to help them identify problems and propose solutions.
3. Manage the sub-suppliers.
The sub-suppliers refers to the supplier’s supplier. As we mentioned, we are located in manufacturing base and enjoy rich
resources. All sub-suppliers is reachable for us. It can bring us the following three benefits:
* Reduce purchasing cost through scale effect.
* Ensure raw materials meet terminal technical standards.
* Ensure our unique value and core competence in the supply chain.
4. Achieve optimal configuration of the supply chain.
We can purchase parts from different suppliers with competitive price, and can choose a factory with low labor cost to assemble
the parts.

We trust we will be your excellent choice.


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