Rockery humidification atomizer fish pond fish tank bonsai landscaping atomizer

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Product Overview


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The working principle of the atomizer:
The working principle of the atomizer is that the ultrasonic vibration sprays water to disperse to produce mist, so it is normal for the atomizer to splash water when it is working.
First  put the atomizing head into the water and 2-3cm below the water surface, and then power on! The fog sheet in the atomizing head generates resonance under the action of the ultrasonic wave of up to 17000 Hz generated by the driver, and directly shakes the liquid water off the water and throws it into the air. It produces gaseous water and turns into floating water mist!
Disadvantages: When the atomizer is working, it is forbidden to lift it away from the water surface. Because of its high-frequency resonance principle, working away from the water surface will quickly dry and burn and deteriorate and lead to scrap! Although the atomizer in our shop has the function of cutting off water and power to protect the atomization The head is not damaged, but the fog film still has a small probability of dry burning damage, so it is best not to lack water!
Detailed Images
Product detail drawing

The service life of the atomizer is 3000 hours

Insulating glue seal inside the shell

The built-in smart chip turns off the light when it lacks water
How to use the atomizer
first step

Power supply and atomizing head docking
Second step

The atomizer is placed flat underwater
third step

Power plug in

Can be fogged
Product Presentation

Product introduction: application, function, style, etc

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Product Name
Houyi atomizer

Aluminum alloy

Below 14w

24v  0.4-0.6A

Type of Lamp-house


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product name
Product Category
Finite temperature
Atomization speed
Houyi atomizer
Illuminated atomizer
Above 250ML/H
Houyi atomizer
Atomizer without light
Above 250ML/H
1. Please don't turn the atomizer upside down after connecting the power, it will damage the atomizer. 2. When the atomizer is running, the atomizer head cannot leave the water surface for a long time. 3. When the atomizer is running, please do not touch the atomizer sheet. 4. When using, the water should not contain a lot of scale, which will affect the fogging effect. 5. Please cut off the power before moving or repairing. 6. The atomization sheet is a consumable, and its service life is ≥3000 hours. If the amount of fog produced by the atomizer is significantly reduced, please clean the atomization sheet with a cotton swab (without any detergent), and keep the atomization sheet clean. The amount of atomizing film is still very small, please replace an atomizing film.
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