Japan rich flavored dry smoked semi-soft squid snack seafood for all ages

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Product Name
Dried soft squid
Brand Name
Maruichi Syokuhin
Place of Origin

This product is smoked dried squid.
Therefore, it is more intensely colored than dried squid and has a rich flavor.

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Smoked dried squid has a unique flavor, and its softness and crunchiness are habits.

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【Case size】:450×310×125(mm) 【Case weight】:Approximately 2kg

1.Squid is processed into many kinds of delicacies and is in high demand.

2.The texture is soft, and the more you chew, the more delicious the squid tastes.

3."Maruichi Shokuhin" has a history of nearly 40 years as a specialized manufacturer of seafood, and has solid technical capabilities.

Our company was founded in Hakodate in 1948 to process and sell local specialties such as seafood as gift products.
For more than 70 years since our establishment, we have carried a wide variety of items for which Hokkaido is famous as well as local specialties such as seafood, confectionery, agricultural products, dairy products, and processed food products.

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