Five in one set of high quality aquarium fish tank cleaning tools

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Gravel rake

Used for daily cleaning of sand and gravel, sorting out the movement of gravel caused by fish swimming
Special buckle design

The buckle has been designed and tried repeatedly to make the expansion joint not buckle tightly
Shrink freely

Can stretch up to 80cm
Can shrink to 54cm as short as possible

Introduction of product advantages or application effect or application mode


                          Fish tank brush
     It is used to clean the i                                           the glass box and the acrylic aquarium.


                          Fish fishing

Used for daily fish fishing, or to remove uneaten feed from the fish in the aquarium


It can be used to clean water plants, moss, and algae in the fish tank without scratching the fish tank glass.

                       Aquatic clip

Easily extract the aquatic plants in the fish tank without harming the aquatic plants.

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Product Name
Fish tank five-in-one cleaning tool


Item No.
Wanjie Five-in-One Fish Tank Brush


Product Usage
Clean aquarium algae

The fish tank brush is a high-density hair brush with strong decontamination ability. Please wipe gently in the same direction when using it. Do not use too much force; please rinse with water when cleaning. Do not knead or rub, otherwise it will easily cause cotton damage


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