Zeolite Balls For River&Lake Pollution Control Factory Direct Supply Wholesale Price

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Product Overview


Zeolite is a type of silicate minerals with a wide distribution. Zeolite group minerals are found in extruded rocks, especially in the pores of basalts, as well as in sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks, hydrothermal deposits and some modern hot spring deposits. 


Zeolite has adsorption and ion conversion functions. It is widely used as catalyst or carrier, desiccant, feed additive, soil conditioner, sewage purifier, plastic and paper filler, potassium extraction from seawater, etc. And used in cement production in large quantities. 




Product Features:

Zeolite has the properties of adsorption, ion exchange, catalysis, thermal stability and acid and alkali resistance. When used in water treatment, zeolite can not only effectively utilize its adsorption and ion exchange properties, but also effectively reduce water treatment cost. It is an excellent filter material for water treatment. 




Zeolite filter function:


-- Removal of heavy metal ions

-- Removal organic pollutants

-- Removal fluoride from potable water

-- Removal radioactive material




Sizes of Product: 2-4mm,3-5mm



0.2466 s.