Pur hot melt adhesive laminating machine for automotive interior parts (1600106583092)

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Product Overview



Our hot melt laminating machine is mainly composed of fabric rewinding and unwinding unit, fabric and film.
Transmission system and tension controller, film unwinding and lining or film carrier rewinding device, hot melt adhesive melting device (optional), pump (optional), conductive oil source system (optional), glue point transfer unit, cover Membrane device, edge cutter, cooling device, PLC and other devices. It is compact, highly automated and easy to install and operate.It is possible for applications in the apparel industry, automotive industry, and medical industry.


Laminating Machine for :

1. EVA + PVC, PU or Artificial Leather

2. EVA + Fabric (for shoe materials, etc)

3. Neoprene + Fabric (for diving suit, etc)

4. PU Foam + Fabric (for bra, vehicle cushion, etc)

5. TPU Film + Fabric. (for climbing clothing, camouflage uniform, etc)

6. Fabric + Fabric. (for clothing, medical supplies, etc)

Features and Advantages
 1. The finished product has no residual solvent and production pollution-free emissions.
 2. PUR hot melt adhesive wet solid reaction, irreversible, strong adhesion, washable, good fastness.
 3. PUR hot melt adhesive does not contain water and solvent, no need to dry, laminating speed is fast.
 4. PUR has excellent matte performance, low precipitation and neutral color characteristics, and can be applied to medical products that require repeated disinfection.
 5. The laminating product has the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxicity, good laminating fastness, soft hand feeling, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, long-lasting elasticity, abrasion resistance, oil resistance and anti-aging.
 6. High-precision coating roller, ultra-low coating amount, saving production costs.
 7. The laminating process is fully linked and controlled, the substrate is not stretched, the quality is light and soft, and the hand feel is good.
 8. Heating adopts mold temperature machine, heating is fast, heat is even, energy saving.
 9. The melt glue system is independent, and the melt glue is fully fast.
 10. Point-like or mesh-like sizing, the finished product has good air permeability and strong stereoscopic effect.
 11. The whole machine adopts PLC and touch screen control, with high degree of automation and convenient operation
















1. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
We are a manufacturer with more than 30 years of manufacturing and R & D experience.


2. Where is your factory?
We are located in Yancheng, three and a half hours drive from Shanghai, China.


3. Do you have a personal R & D department?
Yes we have. We believe in technology- and market-oriented research. Every year, we develop a series of solutions to actual field application problems and develop new machines for our customers.
If you have any new ideas for our machines, please feel free to contact us! We will definitely turn your ideas into designs. Our goal is to solve every field problem with customers, achieve better material finishing / processing results, and become customers' think tank.


4. How do I trust your quality?
We have a strict and scientific quality control management system, and have passed the rigorous CE and ISO international certifications to maximize the quality of our products.
We have professional quality control personnel. For each step of our machine production, a set of quality control teams will be responsible for checking. The following steps can be performed before the item passes all inspections.
At the end of the machine assembly, a series of tests will be performed. We will not deliver until the machine passes all tests.
We provide a one-year warranty for our machines. Generally, our customers have used our machines for at least 5 years, 8 years or even 10 years.Throughout the life of our machines, spare parts will be replaced at cost.


5. How to operate the machine?

We have never used such a machine before. We just want to expand our business and start a new business.do not worry! When buying our first machine, almost the majority of overseas customers were in the same situation. We have skilled and experienced follow-up service staff who have developed a complete solution to meet the needs of customers like you. In addition, we have a team of professional engineers with rich experience in installation and commissioning, which can perform installation, testing and operation guidance of overseas machines.


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