Direct Factory supply solar water heater accessories , 58mm*1800mm solar vacuum tube

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Product Overview


Direct Factory supply solar water heater accessories , 58mm*1800mm solar vacuum tube






 Product Advantage

1, Cold pipe, heat loss is very small, can still work normally in the cold environment, -30℃ as usual hot water; 2, Super absorption, high thermal efficiency, fast heating, under the same lighting conditions, can produce

3, more hot water with higher temperature than ordinary pipe;

4, High temperature special effect tube, because of the stainless steel ion in the film layer of high temperature, 5, anti air, the film layer in 400℃ conditions without aging, no decay, no color;

6, Mainstream products on the market! The market demand is very large! Performance is very superior! All

7, glass solar vacuum tube! More than 10 years of service life;


Product Description






Xinyuan Factory Three-target all-glass Solar vacuum tube


All-glass double-tube co-axial structure

Glass material

High borosilicate glass 3.3

External Pipe Diameter & Thickness



Ø=70±0.7mm &=2.0mm, 

Internal Pipe Diameter & Thickness

Ø=37±0.7mm &=1.6mm,   

Ø=47±0.7mm &=1.6mm,

Ø=58±0.7mm &=1.6mm,

Pipe Length

1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2100mm.

Coating layers


Coating method

Three target magnetron sputtering plation



Specific absorption


Emission ratio


Vacuum tightness


Idle Sunning Property Parameters

Y= 260 ~ 300m². °C/KW

Solar Radiation for Obtaining a Preset Water Temperature

H≤3.7 MJ/ m²(Ø47), H=2.9~3.2 MJ/ m²;

H≤4.7 MJ/ m²(Ø58), H=3.7~4.2 MJ/ m².

Average Heat Loss Coefficient

ULT=0.4~0.6W/ (m². °C)

Pressure-Endure Ability


Hail resistance

Ø25mm/ Ø40mm


15 Years


Blue or purple golden

11 (30)

Energy Saving Three Target Solar Vacuum Tube


solar vacuum tube Three target solar vacuum tube consists of the inner and outer tubes, which are cut and coated on the condition of high temperature. The inner tube is coated in the three target magnetron sputtering plating equipments which is the newest three target technology and intorduced from German. Using the coating material of argon and nitrogen aims at becoming three membranes Cu-SS-ALN. It takes about 60 minutes. Then, melting the inner and outer tube together and evacuating empty in the vacuum machine. Evacuated tube is core of the solar water heater. Its performance lies on the coating technology, The three-target evacuated tube rises the heat more than 12%.


solar vacuum tube Material: high borosilicate 3.3 glass. Structure: all-glass double-tube co-axial structure. Color: blue or purple golden. Size: 47mm×1500mm, 47mm×1800mm; 58mm×1500mm, 58mm×1800mm, 58mm×2000mm; 70mm×2000mm, 70mm×2100mm. Thickness: 1.6mm/2.0mm. Warranty: 8 years. High absorptance: 93%~96%(AM1.5). Low emittance: 0.04~0.06(80°C±5°C).


 solar vacuum tube High Efficiency Solar Vacuum Tube consists of the inner and outer tubes, which are cut and coated on the condition of high temperature. Solar Vacuum Tubes are the absorber of the solar water heater. They absorb solar energy converting it into heat energy for use in water heating. The hot water rise to water tank and the cool water fall to the bottom of the vacuum tube. As the gravity theory, the hot water and cool water are continuously circulation in the vacuum tube and water tank.









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Company Information


Shandong Tai 'an Xinyuan Solar Energy Co., Ltd. was established on August 1, 2007. The main production of solar vacuum heating tube, balcony wall - mounted water heater. The company covers an area of 35 mu, building area of 15,000 square meters. The company has more than 160 employees, 22 million registered capital, a professional marketing team, and senior technical research and development management team. The main products are all glass vacuum collector tubes and other photothermal products, of which the annual output of all glass vacuum collector tubes is more than 7 million, sales of more than 70 million. Under the advanced concept of science and technology management, technological innovation and quality first, the products are in short supply and sold to all provinces and cities in China, and exported to South Africa, Syria, Vietnam and other countries all the year round. Energy saving and consumption reduction of solar green technology products is a key national support project. In line with the goal of quality first and win-win cooperation, the company has been awarded the title of excellent enterprise of "Keeping reputation and valuing quality" for many years.







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