Philippine sand, shell sand, coral sand

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Product Description

Fish tank landscaping bottom sand Philippine sand shell sand coral sand

[Product Features]
This product is white in color and contains red shell particles unique to the pure Philippine sand. It is suitable for direct supplementation to the bottom of the tank, or with fine coral sand supplemented with a water-filled layered bottom sand system (live sand system). Natural colors. Can bring out the color of ornamental fish and aquatic plants. The fine-grained material will not harm the fish's body. The most ideal substrate for growing aquatic plants. It has the effect of stabilizing water quality. It is also very suitable for decoration of different styles of aquarium landscaping.

Suitable for all kinds of fish tank landscaping

Purchase tips
1. The sand and gravel do not contain the nutrients required by aquatic plants, so it is necessary to add base fertilizer or liquid fertilizer to the gravel.
2. Different types of sand and gravel have different ability to adjust the PH value of water. Please purchase suitable products according to actual needs.

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1. Before use, it needs to be washed with clean water and dust can be used.
2. Lay the washed bottom sand in the aquarium, and you can shape it as needed.
3. Place a flat plate or plastic bag on the surface of the bottom sand, and inject water slowly to prevent the bottom sand from being washed away.

                                          Product Size

number 1

About 0.2-0.5mm particles

number 2

About 0.5-1mm particles

number 3

About 1-2mm particles

number 3

About 2-3mm particles

Product Presentation

Product introduction: application, function, style, etc

The following configuration is a product diagram + table with the specific parameters of the configuration product

Product Name

Houyi Philippine Sand


Natural sand/stone




No. 1/2/3/4


No muddy water, no powder

[Dosage standard]
20cm aquarium: 0.5-1.0kg for ornamental fish, 1.0kg-2.0kg for aquatic plants
45cm aquarium: 3.0-6.0kg for ornamental fish, 7.0kg-8.0kg for aquatic plants
60cm aquarium: 4.0-8.0kg for ornamental fish, 10.0kg-12.0kg for aquatic plants
90cm aquarium: 10.0-20.0kg for ornamental fish, 25.0kg-30.0kg for aquatic plants


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