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Remote control switch (large and small)
The remote control switch has the functions of small and portable, portable, remote control and so on. It needs to be used in
conjunction with a wall switch with remote control function. One AAA battery can be used for power supply.
1.Switch control distance: within 30 meters (the signal can pass through the wall), RF frequency: 433MHz.
2.RF technology, no direction, can be remotely controlled through the wall.
3.Using one million sets of learning code technology, you can set single opening/single closing, total opening, total closing and
different scenarios.
4.Multiple switches are combined together, without interference with each other, and the remote control distance is long, real
realization: one hand supports easily.
5.Remote control connection method: first connect the circuit, long press the main switch with remote control function, the
aperture flashes to indicate a connection signal, then long press the remote control device (Feel free to paste, remote control,
mobile phone) to be paired with it, and hear a "DIDI" Indicates that the connection is successful, and then you can control the
brightness of the lamp switch at will.
This remote control switch retains the original manual touch control function, and the lights can also be controlled remotely
through the remote control.
The remote control also has the following functions:
Full-off function: Before going out or going to sleep, you don't need to check one by one, press one key, you can turn off all the
lamps in the house, saving time and power.
Full-open function: When you need to turn on some or all of the lamps, you can press one key to light up at the same time, which
is easy and romantic.
Remote control: this function requires the use of a remote control switch and an intelligent controller to form a smart home
system, enabling mobile phones to control home lights remotely,
The switch function of home appliances; when you are in the field, you can use any landline or mobile phone to remotely control
the opening and closing of home appliances, so that the home in your heart is no longer far away.

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