Frutek BABY PUREES Jar 190G (1600107770118)

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We use juicy fruit, vegetables, rice and cereal as ingredients for 19 baby foods. Except for the purees that contain cereal or millet flakes, all our baby foods are gluten free, providing an excellent meal for any baby.
Our purees do not contain preservatives, artificial colorings or flavors and are made only from the best, carefully selected ingredients. Frutek baby purees can be a snack or a whole meal. They are the ideał solution for trips, when traveling or walks and children also love them as a dessert.
Shelflife: 18 months

Company Profile

First off, we are not traders who chase the latest deal, sending out blanket emails on products that don’t exist or chasing the latest „hot offer” or „hot request” that is flying across the trader platforms, emails and newsletters. We know our suppliers personally. We know, or will want to know, our buyers personally.

We do not source from middlemen or big trading houses. This just does not match how we think or our personalities.

Orders are sourced directly from the producers. In most cases, we will move to connecting the buyers directly to the producers to help facilitate the conclusion of the deal, once we are sure that we are all at a mutual point of trust.

We are able to accomodate different forms of billings and payments. In most cases, we prefer that they buyer pays directly to the producer, who we in turn have agreements. This allows for greater transparency and simplifies the financing drastically. Doing this, we all get to focus on getting business done, not paper work and time consuming negotiations that are not incumbent on the success of the deals.

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