Оптовая продажа, мужские металлические кольца, мужские золотые кольца, ювелирные изделия в подарок

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Product Overview


Product Description

Style: Female diamond ring
Effect: Fashionable expensive gas delicate
Available places: Engagement and marriage, valentine's day gifts, company gifts, commercial gifts, advertising gifts
Color: white
Place of origin : China
The factory address: East sea, lianyungang, jiangsu
Brand : Meng Yong jewelry
Custom : Customizable size and shape

Packaging and transportation
Sales unit : 10 the batch
Single package size : 14*9*10cm
Total weight of single package : 0.3KG
Packing type : Internal packaging: bubble wrap;Hard carton
The time of delivery : Under 100 for 15 days
Size specifications : From the 6th to the 10th

Can be customized
To figure custom
Custom color

Manufacture Specification

Company Introduction

Meng Yong Crystal Jewelry Co., Ltd., is a company with more than 30 years of design, research and development experience in accordance with international standards. The company has a number of crystal processing factory across China. They select the first class quality raw materials directly from the mines They use only premium quality Crystal Ball, Crystal Unicorn, Crystal Skull, Crystal Column / Rod, Crystal Pyramid, Crystal Massage, Crystal Water Bottle, Quartz Crystal Crushed Stone, Various Crystal Products, gem stone jewellery and various various jewelleries and processing services throughout the year.They are experts in mass production. So that they can serve the customers at lowest price and best quality products. They have customers are all over the world, they buy the best quality products at the lowest wholesale prices. They are welcoming new customers to consult, and they are happy to satisfy their customers customised needs and timely delivery we with their quality expertise service

Packing & Shipping

In order to enable members to get due service in the store, and to avoid unpleasant things.Based on the principles of mutual
understanding, fairness and voluntaneity, both parties shall jointly abide by the following provisions:
One, the store commitment
The website shall be responsible for the information directly released by our company. If words and deeds are inconsistent, the
website shall bear the losses directly caused to the merchant.But refuse to bear the loss caused by the customer's own reasons
(such as not looking at the product details, product attributes.For example, a single pendant is not chain, the product is not
packaging box, product size and imagination is not the same) hope customers can see more and ask.
Product pictures are real, but part of the network, each product description is accurate, customers can be assured to buy.If the
negligence of the site leads to serious errors, we will correct in time, and free of charge for return and replacement processing.
Strictly check the quality of the products. If it is a quality problem, the company implements unconditional return for
Note: we are only responsible for the current confirmed orders.Because the information needs to be updated frequently, if there is
any change after the member places an order, we will inform the member in time, and the member will decide whether to cancel the
Ii. Order requirements for members
Carefully check the order (price, quantity, specification, etc.), if there are special requirements, need to explain in time.
The shipping address and contact information must be accurate, or we will bear the loss caused by this.
Timely payment of orders.If no payment is made within 3 days after the following order, the order will be automatically cancelled.
Please check the goods (quantity, quality, specification, etc.) after arrival. If there is any problem, please contact in time.If
there is no problem, please confirm receipt in time, and give five-star praise!(thanks!)
Other agreements
If both parties reach an agreement through other contact information and there is any conflict with this provision, the agreement
shall be executed as agreed by both parties.
Replacement of defective products: within 3-7 days after receiving the products, the member shall find the products that are truly
defective.Please get in touch with us first and then exchange. We will bear the freight for one round trip.
Company repair or maintenance: the company will charge related fees according to the actual situation.If the reason for the
company product quality problems caused by the company responsible for what, unconditionally if accidentally damage to product for
the customer, will deal with it according to the requirements of the company to repair, but the postage back and forth will be
borne by the customer, if the matter of the cost of servicing and to make up more than $10.00 basic operating costs are borne by
the customer.

Merchant details

A. Product advantage: the material of silver ornaments and the advantages compared with pure silver ornaments

Our accessories are made of imported soft copper and silver.Gloss like silver, even if the cut surface, the average person is
difficult to distinguish.In addition to the price difference compared to pure silver;High quality plating platinum layer, strong
thickened silver, plating protective film, surface color retention for a long time, not easy to fade.

B. Rich product lines: spot products, new product guidance, and customized requirements

A rich product line is our foundation, whether it is hot style or new models with potential, we can provide our existing inventory
to the merchants.Our company has new products for sale every month, leading the fashion of the boutique, but also according to any
customer needs flexible product customization, do not need too high requirements, small and medium-sized customers can participate
in the cooperation.

C. Superior production line: strong productivity, excelsior process, high-end products

Our daily output is more than 1000 pieces, at the same time, we have many processing plants, as soon as possible to shorten the
production cycle, timely supply.The production of products have more than 10 kinds of procedures, from the product to the factory
inspection, each process is necessary, there are strict requirements.Professional high-end jewelry, because of professional, so

D. Our services: provide effective help to reduce wholesale requirements

Simple supply is not our ultimate goal, we do our best to assist the merchants to sell products quickly, so we set up a specially
experienced promotion department, share the way of promotion, provide product publicity pictures and layout of store design and
other help.Division I can be mixed wholesale, mixed batch of low threshold.Single 100 pieces from the drawing to sample custom

Processing customized

Relying on its own factories, the company provides personalized processing and customization services for customers
The merchant only needs to provide product samples or clear pictures of product details and relevant sizes, and we can process and
customize according to these.
Our company will estimate and verify products according to customers' customized requirements.
During production, the merchant needs to pay the mold fee in advance, ranging from 0 to 100 yuan. Our company is communicating and
verifying with the samples produced by the inverted mold, and our company is carrying out production.
Large customized orders. Before production, the merchant needs to prepay 20-50% of the start-up capital according to the
customized quantity.

United States code size comparison table
No. 5 (diameter: 15.7mm, circumference: 49.6mm)
Size 6 (diameter: 16.5mm, circumference: 51.8mm)
No. 7 (diameter: 17.3mm, circumference: 54.4mm)
No. 8 (diameter: 18.1mm, circumference: 56.5mm)
No.9 (diameter: 18.9mm, circumference: 59.5mm)
No. 10 (diameter: 19.8mm, circumference: 62.1mm)
Size 11 (diameter: 20mm, circumference: 64.6mm)
Size 12 (diameter: 21.4mm, circumference: 67.2mm)
No. 13 (diameter: 22.2mm, circumference: 69.7mm)
No. 14 (diameter: 23.2mm, circumference: 73mm)


Q:What is the material of your products?
A:The material is natural crystal. We can also choose material as customers’ requirement.

Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A:Quality is priority. Liberty people always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very

Q:Any discount possible if I place an order?
A:Yes.we have different price ranges (discounts) based on different order quantities and product mateiral.Please contact us for
detailed price information.

Q:How about show me some samples?
A:We are honored to offer you samples.

Q:How long is the delivery time?
A:Different products and quantities have different procedures and different timing. We may provide DHL, FedEx, EMS, UPS, TNT and
Ocean shipping etc for customer’s choice. For more information, please contact us directly.

Q: Are customized products accepted, Can you engrave our brand logo on product?
A: yes.

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