Coffee Bean Powder Peanut Cereal Corn Wheat Maize Sorghum Flour Mill Grinding Machine

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Product Overview


Product Description

Easy to use and portable
Zinc coated capacitor housing
Thickness adjustment knob for grinding power and grinding into thick liquid
Strengthen the wind hood of the motor, better heat dissipation
Durable steel disc for refine grinding
Suitable for grinding bean curd, starch, rice flour, corn and used in other food industries
2 years warranty

Color: customized
Voltage: customized
Power: customized
Grinding soybean milk: 45--55kg/ h
Grinding powder: 68--75kg/h (Fineness:<=0.05mm)
Output rice: 55kg/h
Output beans: 50kg/h
Diameter of blade: 150mm
Rotary speed: 1400r/min
Net weight: 20kg

The machine should be placed securely, and adjust the V-belt elastic appropriately, coaxial concentricity, the combination of machines should work separately.
Check the electric wires and power switch to ensure safety when the machine works.
The spindle of the machine should be oriented in the direction indicated by the arrow.
Before starting, please check whether all parts of the bolts are tightened. If there is abnormal sound after startup. You should stop the machine and eliminate the trouble before restarting.
It is strictly prohibited to open the cover and put hands into the feed port when the machine is working.
Open the feed inserts slowly, adjust the handle to grind the materials accrording to the required degree of thickness, and tighten the hand wheel lock.
When grinding into thick liquid, please inject appropriate amount of water into the hopper.
If the thickness of the primary processing of materials can not meet the requirements, please repeat grinding.
When the grinding plate is changed, the holes of the grinding plate, the roller (or grinding block)and the body should be aligned,tightening the bolts to avoid coaxiality of more than 0.5mm.
After finishing, the machine should promptly remove residual material, and check the machine's condition, if the machine damaged,you should repair it in time and keep the machine in the good condition.
Machine bearings should always be cleaned, filling butter. Motor bearings should be cleaned every six months, filling butter.
The machine should be stored in ventilated and dry place. Keep it in order to prevent rust.

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