Automotive power accessories 12v dc to 220v ac pure sine wave car inverter 2000watt

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Automotive power accessories 12v dc to 220v ac pure sine wave car inverter 2000watt



1.Office Equipment,Notebook Computer,Mobile Telephone,Printer,Display.

2.Television,Video Recorder,Acoustics,DVD,VCD and Fridge etc.

3.Outdoor Lighting ,Microwave Oven,Cooking etc.

4.Electric Tool,Vehicles Seek Help,Rescue and Relief  Work etc.

5.PDA,Digtal Camera,Battery Charge and GPS Satellite Navigation.







1.Adopting high frequency power conversion technology and ferrite transformer.

2.Lighter weight and smaller volume.

3.Advanced anti-jamming technology,full-featured protection circuit and soft-start circuit.

4.Universal socket,suitable for all kinds of plugs.

5.Pure sine wave output can be applicable for resistive loads.

6.Cooler or smart fan and working status are intellectually controlled by MCU,

   which mostly proplongs its service life and helps to save the power consumption.

7.Gained CE,CTA,ISO,ROHS certificates guaranteed.

8.10 year's experience in home power supply industry.




BEP300S BEP1000S BEP2000S BEP3000S BEP5000S
 Max Continous Power 300W 1000W 2000W 3000W 5000W
 Peak power 600W 2000W 4000W 6000W 10000W
 Input Voltage DC12V/DC24V/DC36V/DC48V/DC60V
 Output Voltage         AC110V/AC120V/AC220V/AC240V
 Input Voltage Range DC10V-15V@12V,DC20V-30V@24V
 Low Voltage DC 10V±0.5@12V,DC 20V±1v@24V
 High Voltage Cut Off DC15.5V± 0.5V@12V, DC30V±1V@24V
 Reversal Polarity Yes
 ShortCircuitProtection Yes
 Temp Protection 75% ±5%
 THD <3%
 Output Frequency 50HZ/60HZ
 Max Efficiency 12V/90% 24V/95%
 Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
 AC Socket 2*Multi-function 
 Cooling Smart Fan
 USB Interface 1*5V 2.1A
 Working Temp 0-40℃
 Working Humidity 20-90%RH
 Product Size(mm) 211*118*56 367*150*76 452*150*107 529*180*142 680*180*168
 N.W.(g) 810 2440 3950 6020 7930
 Package Size(cm)

















Company Information

Company Profile

  Guangzhou Poojin Electronic Technology Co.Ltd was found in 2007,which is a high-tech enterprise that concentrates on product development and production,sales,imp&exp.Our main products :power inverter,solar power controller,solar power system and other products are widely used in solar, home and car power generation.

  Poojin  invests 10% of the annual turnover in  the R&D with over 20 high-quality R&D teams, which  has established industry-leading technology, talents,experience and the R&D platform of quality management .We have established a long-term friendly business relationship with more than 100 countries and regions.




Most of our products have gained CE,FCC,FOHS certifications, and products are ISO9001:2008 certified.





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Our Services

Our Services

After delivery, we will keep tracking your orders before you receive it. It's alright to test our products after and very welcome to give us some feedbacks. If you have any questions, just contact us immediately, we will try our best to help you. 


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Q1:How to choose a right inverter?

A1:According to the power and the type of your equipment,the pure sine wave inverter will be used in all kinds of equipments,but the modified sine wave inverter will be only used in resistive equipment .if you have motor,battery charger,'d better choose pure sine wave inverter.

Q2:What's the difference between a power inverter and a solar inverter?

A2:The normal inverter only accepted battery or DC power(except solar).Like switch power source.But solar inverter only accepted the power as above but also accepted the PV input. There is a solar charger inside.And there is a pair of electrodes which connect with solar PV.The normal inverter has no one.

Q3:How many sorts of inverter are there?

A3:There are three sorts of inverters according to the output waveform:square wave ,modified sine wave ,pure sine wave.The first one may not exit now due to the bad performance.The second one is pretty popular because of the good price. The third one has more good performance and larger application field.And it can be used in all loads including inductive and capacitive loads.

Q4:What is a inductive load applliance?

A4:The applicance which is based on the priciple of electromagnetic induction is inductive load,such as,motor ,air conditioner,washing machine,refrigerator,induction cooker,swithing power supply,wedding machine,etc.This applicance need 3-7times than their rated power.

Q5: What is a resistive load appliance?

A5:Mobile phones ,computers,LCD TVs,incandescents,electric fans,video broadcast,small printers,rice cooker,electric mahjong machine,etc. Our modified sine wave inverter can drive these applicances successfully.

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