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GMP standard factory Coolflying supply organic green tea Matcha Powder 500Mesh

Product Name
Matcha Powder
Green Tea
Part Used
Green Powder, The fragrance of green tea
500 Mesh, 1000Mesh, 2000Mesh
Test Method
Protect cardiovascular,Natural colouring,Strengthen immunity

Matcha is a powder processed from green tea, which is used to make many foods with high nutritional value.

Although green tea contains extremely high nutrients, the water-soluble part of the tea is only 35%, and a large amount of active ingredients that are insoluble in water are thrown away as tea dregs. Experiments have shown that eating tea can absorb more nutrients than drinking tea. The nutrients in a cup of matcha are more than 30 cups of green tea.

Our matcha raw materials are picked from the world's top tea belts, 36° north latitude, at the foot of Mount Tai in China. It is made with ancient stone grinding and modern technology. It's matcha powder with real high nutritional value.

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