Ручной тестер электромагнитного излучения с цифровым ЖК-дисплеем для домашней проверки, офиса, улицы и промышленного места

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Product Overview


ET825 Eletromagnetic Radiation Tester
This product can test electric field radiation and magnetic field emission to reach the optimal test result. It is used to test and learn electromagnetic radiation situation indoor and outdoor. It is equipped with a built-in electromagnetic radiation sensor, which can display the radiation value on LCD digital display after processing by the control micro-chip. You can make reasonable processing or taking effective prevention measures toward the electromagnetic radiation according to the test result.

Functions and features:

1.One instrument with two uses. it can test the electric field and the magnetic field radiation at the same time.
2.Sound-light alarm when the test result exceeds the safe value the instrument will alarm automatically.
3.Data locking, one-key lock of the radiation value.
4.LCD graphic display of the radiation value trend.
5.Radiation assessment, remind you whether the radiation value is safe or not.
6.Fashionable design, easy on-hand operation it is easy to move or make field measurement.

Range of application:

1.Electromagnetic radiation monitoring:house and apartment, office, outdoor and industrial site.
2.Electromagnetic radiation test:mobile phone, computer, TV set, refrigerator and high voltage cable radiation test.
3.Radiation protection product test:test effects of radiation-proof clothes, radiation proof film and other prevention articles

Influence and harms of electromagnetic radiation on human body:

1. Being one of the causes of leukemia for children.
2. Can cause cancer and accelerate proliferation of cancer cells.
3. Can cause direct harm to human genital system,nervous system and immune system.
4.Can cause mental disabilities of children and diminution of vision, affect tissue development and skeletal development of children.
5. Can cause diminution of hematopoietic function of livers and even cause amotio retinae.
6. Being one of the main causes of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
7. Having bad influence on human visual system.
Moreover, strong electromagnetic radiation may influence and destroy original bioelectric current and biomagnetic field in human body and cause abnormity of the original electromagnetic field in human body. The elderly, children and the pregnant are susceptible to electromagnetic radiation.
Artificial electromagnetic radiation sources include all kinds of electric appliances and devices By fair use of household appliances and taking reasonable precautious measures,electromagnetic radiation can be effectively prevented and reduced.

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