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Product Overview


Product Description

The stick labeling machine is an upgraded product of our company, which is widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and seasoning industries Product, juice, injection needle, milk, refined oil and other industries in the round bottle product multi-functional automatic labeling machine.

bottle height
bottle diameter
label height
label length
paper roller inside diameter
paper roller outside diameter

1.Firstly, the pasted objects entering the conveyor belt are separated by the conveyor belt.
2.After being transmitted to the bottle splitting mechanism, a certain distance shall be kept between the bottles.
3.If the label needs to be positioned, a visual detection system shall be installed to rotate the bottle to one direction.
4.The pasted object shall be fixed by the bottle pressing mechanism after being transmitted to the bottle pressing mechanism via the conveyor belt and move forward at the same time with the conveying at the same speed, and the pasted object shall be arranged to move according to the same central line.
5.When the bottle arrives at the double label station, double-sided labeling shall be carried out at the same time.
6.At last, according to different bottle shapes, brush and sponge roller are used to mark them respectively to complete the double mark process.

Equipment features
1.The whole machine adopts PLC control system with mature technology to make the whole machine run stably and at high speed. 2.The operating system is controlled by touch screen, which is simple, practical and efficient.  
3.The imported servo system can be selected with fast standard output and high stability. 4.The upgraded dished label station design can label the conical bottle. 
5.Humanized screw adjusting and pressing mechanism, accurate action and convenient operation. 
6.Synchronous chain mechanism ensures stable and accurate correction. 
7.The transparent label shall not be blistered, and the adhesive label shall not be wrinkled. 
8.It has a wide range of applications, multiple functions and strong adaptability.

  • Equipment advantages

1.Advanced function, simple operation and compact structure.  
2.Chain plate conveying, easy to clean, high stability of bottle body. 
3.Imported electrical components, stable performance, low failure rate. 
4.It has the functions of no labeling and alarming when the equipment is abnormal.
5.It can be operated by a single machine or by connecting lines.

Product Paramenters

Product name
touch screen
servo motor
frequency converter
miniature circuit breaker
Bottle dividing converter


Company Introduction

Our company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of packing machinery and equipment in China. We belong to zonelink International Group.
We have a well-experienced team to manufacture packing machinery and equipment and a professional design institute.With rich experience in packing machinery and equipment field and numbers of professional engineers, we have designed and developed many types of packing machinery and equipment in many varieties. Our main products are bottle unscrambler,labeling machine,bottle blowing machine,filling machine,glass-lined reactors,fermentors,centrifuges,granulators,mixers, dryers, pulverizers, tablet presses, soft and hard blister packing machines, capsule filling machines,cartoners and rollers.
In the past years, we have made great achievements due to our good credit and service. We have established long-term business relations with many customers and some of our overseas customers have appointed us to be their purchase agency in China. Our products are exported to many countries & areas, such as Korea, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam,Japan,Denmark,Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, South Africa, Nigeria, the USA, Australia, Canada, Argentina and Chile. Besides machinery and equipment, we also supply production lines, turn key projects and know-how.
In ZHONGLIAN you can get your desired goods with the best prices and good quality. We welcome your enquiries from at home and abroad.



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