Fixed Tilting Electric Aluminum Scrap Melting Furnace

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Regenerative Type Metal Aluminium Log Melting Furnace

Product Description

Melting and Holding Furnaces
The aluminum ingot or part of the aluminum waste is smelted after they are added to the furnace. We are a foundry equipment manufacturer who supply a series of related equipment to aluminum smelting and casting factory or aluminum alloy melting plant. We can customize various types of furnace based on customers' needs to satisfy our customers from
different regions. We are capable to custom-made furnace according to our customers' preference no matter fixed or tilting melting and holding furnace, or furnaces fueled by natural gas, LPG, diesel, or heavy crude oil.

Fixed melting and holding furnace mainly used in smelting of aluminum alloy or heat preservation for molten aluminum as it has good sealing property.

Fixed melting and holding furnace can perform combustion with four types of fuel such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, heavy oil and diesel. The furnace body is fixed and non-movable. It has straight furnace door indicating the door can be moved vertically which is convenient and easy to use. Slanting furnace door indicates the door does not lift or lower vertically but it is shut tightly sorely by the weight of the furnace door. This helps to reduce the heat energy lost. Fixed melting and holding furnace mainly consists of steel external shell, refractory lining, furnace door, lifting and clamping mechanism of the furnace door and burner system. The fixed melting and holding furnace can be equipped with auxiliary
equipment such as electromagnetic stirrer, molten aluminum pump, charging car, etc. This model of furnace uses regenerative burner system as burner which emits 90% and above of the waste gas after heat exchanges through the regenerative bed. Other waste gas emitted via conventional exhaust channel which saves energy.

Production: 5 tons- 60 tons
Furnace door type: straight furnace door
Melting rate: 2-8 tons of aluminum per hour
Air pressure:65-100 kPa
Temperature accuracy: ±5℃
Fuel consumption: 52 meter cube/ tons*aluminum
Highest working temperature: 1050℃
Highest control temperature: 1100℃

Tilting melting and holding furnace mainly used in smelting of aluminum alloy or heat
preservation for molten aluminum.
This furnace type consists of fixed rectangle furnace or circle furnace equipped with tilting device. The furnace is tilted with hydraulic cylinder after the completion of the melting process to allow the molten metal to flow into the static furnace. It can be designed into single side tilting or double side tilting, mainly consists of external steel shell, internal refractory lining, furnace door, furnace door lifting and clamping mechanism and combustion system. This melting furnace has four combustion types such as burning with natural gas, LPG, heavy oil and diesel. The burner of this furnace adopts regenerative burner system which emits 90% and above of the waste gas after heat exchange through the regenerative bed. The remaining waste gas is emitted directly via the conventional exhaust channel and it is energy saving.

Production: 15 tons- 60 tons
Furnace type: tilting
Melting rate: 4-8 tons of aluminum per hour
Air pressure: 65-100 kPa
Temperature accuracy: ±5℃
Fuel consumption: 52 meter cube/ tons*aluminum
Highest working temperature:1050℃
Highest control temperature: 1100℃

External body: Q235 steel external shell
Internal body: refractory bricks, high alumina brick
Internal casting: non- adhesive aluminum cas table or high strength low cement cas table, etc.

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After-Sale Service

Provide the best factory building support and machine design technical support,

and after-sale support machine usage guide instruction, and field video guide.

If necessary we can send professional technicians there.

Company Profile

Jiangyin Giansun Aluminum Profile Complete Plant Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which belongs to Giansun Group, is a professional
manufacturer of aluminum profile production machine and equipment related to aluminum profile produce. Based on large market share
and widely ranged customers, the product made by our factory, such as log/billet furnace body, mould die oven, aging furnace,
profile saw, remainder disposal machine, single/double puller, cooling system, etc. and press machine part like container, press
rod and hole punching needle, is reputed at home and abroad.


1. What's the delivery time of your aluminum extrusion machine?

For ordinary small-sized machine such as saw, 30 days;
middle-sized machine such as heating furnace, 45-50 days, for big-sized machine such as cooling system/profile handling system, 60
days. We could also design and make the whole production line for our customer, around 3-6 months.

2. What’s your ordinary shipment method?

We can deliver the machine by land, or by ocean.

The Whole Extrusion Line

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